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Guest Jillian Jacobs on Marketing @GreenMooseProd

Author Jillian Jacobs shares her knowledge of marketing.

What is the one thing authors have a hard time with??? Marketing! I have been in the marketing business since I sold my first radio ad in 1994.

Here are some tips I hope will help you with any advertising issues.

As a media buyer, I look at viewing/listening in average quarter hours. Consider how many messages you see every fifteen minutes? What’s the last message that stayed with you and why?
How do you create an ad for your book that’s memorable? That’s the zillion dollar question.
And no one knows the answer…which is why an effective and efficient marketing plan matters!

  • TOMA – Remember Top of Mind Awareness!
  • Tell strangers about your books.
  • Speak at meetings/book clubs about writing or be genre specific. Announce you’ll be there to relevant groups!! Bring books for sale after. Offer articles to magazines like RWA or Writer’s Digest…maybe even Romantic Times mag.
  • Always have an elevator pitch ready- and I mean elevator- don’t drone on and on
  • Always have a biz card with you. Include all social media/website/email – consider photo
  • Gather reviews to put on blog or website
  • Set up readings at local events or bookstores
  • Get a professional photo taken- Adds to your brand and can be added to all pages.
  • Do YouTube videos or short films about your books. Link to FB and Twitter.
  • If someone offers you an opportunity to spread the news- TAKE IT!
  • Do a Blog Tour- Cover reveal/Release
            Write a blog post about your book. Add keywords
            Offer bloggers ARC’s

  • Do a Cover Reveal
  • Build a user-friendly website. Make sure you add an SEO option and use! Add a “store” page to website. Do you have sale buttons on your site? Social media buttons? When you type in your name what comes up?
  • Is your author bio up to date? Goodreads profile? AMZ profile? (add review quotes) Website?
  • Create a newsletter – Giveaways, book launch, special offers, excerpts prior to release –make personal by doing things for your bday or fav holiday, offer ARC’s. Consider offering ads in your newsletter and “sell” to other authors.
  • FB boosts 
  • FB Ads Manager
  • Twitter ads (Link twitter to your website)
            Write Tweetable quotes and ask friends, bloggers, newletter readers to share
  • Amazon ads – available from your Author Dashboard.
            Click Promote and Advertise

  • Goodreads Promo
            Add Goodreads widget to your Website.

  • Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat
  • Allow friends to put blurbs in the back of your books
  • Take friend’s swag to book signings.
  • Use Sale sites
  • Do a sale
    • Free
    • 99 cents
  • Write a great book. When released include a fun hash tag and include everywhere! #mktgqueen
  • Write an interesting blurb – If you don’t hook the reader, then poof…sale gone.  Very hard but crucial.
  • Create eye catching ads – or hire someone to do them. If you don’t have a professional looking ad, it really sticks out!
  • Make a video for your YouTube page.
  • Write “advice” blogs. Guest blog. Add keywords to blog. Allow guests on your blog. Do you have a blog on your website?
  • Make a slide show and post it
  • Create a Google+ Page. Host a Google Hangout.
  • Create an author logo
  • Be your brand
  • Are you reading? If so, do you suggest these books to your friends? Engage! Word of Mouth is a HUGE motivator.
  • Always say your sales are good
  • Be positive about your product. Offer fans sneak peeks.
  • Offer deleted excerpts. Do a fan of the month. Do a best illustration of scene contest. Do a best book trailer contest. Best ad contest.
  • Poll readers likes and dislikes. Get to know them. What they like to read? Etc…
  • Write next book
  • Attend events. Smile. Put your phone down! Banner-Name most prominent so readers can find you. Swag that is brand consistent. – Footballs   Make sure events are listed on GR, AMZ, website
  • Donate your books to local libraries. Write YA? High schools. Camps. Contemp? Women’s shelters. Retirement communities
  • Write press release for local media about YOU and what you’re up to that’s relevant to city or another relevant options.
  • Think outside the box on events- Farmer’s Market, Covered Bridge festival
  • Attend events even if you’re not signing.
  • At events, place book in buyers hands
  • Join RWA genre groups and volunteer – expand your sphere of influence
  • Listen to the Novel Marketing Podcast –
  • Become a HARO source – Become a source for journalists - Help a Reporter  Out
  • Create a Meetup group. – local opportunity to meet with people with same interests OR meet up with readers when traveling or at a signing. Do a special event just for them.
  • Enter writing contests if only to get your name in front of new people.
  • What’s your angle? Open up your target demo – very important. Keywords encompass entire book, switch them up
  • In email signature line, include all your info and when you sign your name always use full author name.
  • Part of PR is Volunteering- get your name out as a helpful person
  • Themed merchandise- add to website. Model and promote.
  • Host a Book release party – Ava
  • Link to a cause- Thistle Farms
  • Don’t be negative about author world or get caught up in drama
  • Indie Book Channel on YouTube- or other book channels. Young people are not on FB. Where are they? SnapChat, Instagram
  • Keep a list of bloggers you meet and send them your info when you have exciting news
  • ARC’s are advertising
  • During any sort of “event” be sure to respond to all and quickly
  • Write a press release and post on PRWeb – will send for fee
  • Post excerpts on –digital subscription service
  • Hire someone from Fivver to promote your book on free book sites. Site has entire Digital Marketing section
  • iBooks
  • Kobo

  • Ask for Reviews.
  • Do your ads and covers match your brand?  Pick a font, use same cover artist. Same feel across all books.
  • Ask for Sale!! Always include links.
  • Hire A PR Firm.
  • Have your audible voice person come with you to events.
Believe in YOU!
If you don’t believe in your product no one else will.

Who is Jillian Jacobs?
I like hot tea, mooses, and polish pottery.
I write Paranormal and Contemporary romance. Both genres include suspenseful elements. I tend to include a villain POV, because I love delving into the dark side.
I’m the co-founder of Healing with Words—a not for profit agency established for healing survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking, and prostitution. The mission is to bring together readers, authors, and survivors in a positive manner that affects change and relief from negative influences. Writers on The River, an author event in Peoria, Illinois is hosted by Healing With Words.

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Jillian Jacobs said...

Thanks so much for the feature today! Hope the info is helpful to your readers>

cleemckenzie said...

You have a perfect list and I'm exhausted just reading it. Great and thorough.

Diane Burton said...

Excellent list. I've done many of the suggested items but still have a lot to do. Thanks for joining us.

CJ Burright said...

Thanks for all the great marketing ideas, Jillian!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Wonderful marketing tips. Thanks for sharing!

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I hope I live long enough to carry out half of your great suggestions! Thanks so much for the wonderful insights>

Francesca Quarto

Maureen said...

Wow, what an extensive list! I struggle with promoting my book in person- it's easy to "toot my own horn" behind the computer screen. Thanks for all the suggestions!