Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Military Romance with a Bite #GetBitten #BravoTeamWOLF

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Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Or a woman for that matter? Writing military romance is a labor of love for me. These novels feature “strong, sexy heroes and strong, sexy heroines” in dramatic, high conflict situations. The promise of a military romance includes conflicts (both internal and external) as well as courage, because these men and women plunge right into the fire feet first.

Sexy, physically challenging and romantic—these heroes are above and beyond the average guy or gal. They are deeply committed to their service, to being their physical best, their mentally sharpest, and their emotions carefully guarded. They are the first through the door, and the last to come home—and they never leave a member of their team behind.

Now throw some wolves into that mixture and your band of brothers (and sisters) develop a pack dynamic, which brings dominance, loyalty, and determination to a boiling point.

Need a few more reasons to read military romance with a shifter bite?

How about:

·      Wolf military heroes are not your average hero – some characteristics come with uniform like insane sexiness, honor, respect, and dedication. Add a wolf to the mix and you get a kind of ferocious loyalty and wildness intrinsic to pack dynamics. The physical fitness you expect with the uniform turns into a primal perfection with a wolf.
·      These heroes and heroines train to save the day – from obstacle courses to forced marches to suspending from helicopters, these Marines train how to track, achieve, and kill if necessary. The wolf aspect gives them an edge, but they still have to work together.  They will put everything on the line to serve their country, and their packs. Just imagine what they will do to save the one they love?
·      The intensity of the conflicts – wartime or peace, you know a strong military and shifter romance hinge on the conflicts they must survive at home and in the field. Separation. Loss. Adjustment to civilian life. Measuring their more primitive pack response against the rules and laws of the military. It can leave these heroes and heroines between a rock and a hard place.
·      Complicated emotions are at the heart of every story – Whether you heard about PTSD and survivor’s guilt, these characters live with it. Every day, and it informs their relationships from family to friends to teammates and of course, their lovers. No is more demanding on themselves than these guys and gals.
·      Hot bodies are a given and it wouldn’t be a romance without them. This doesn’t mean they are perfect—because they are also flawed. Some may have emotional scars while others physical scars. They are all weapons—and none more so than the shifters. They can use a knife, their gun, their muscles or their claws—whatever gets the job done.

Whether you love shifters or military romance, Bravo Team WOLF embraces all of the above.  What do you love about military romances or shifters? Or in this case, both?

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Diane Burton said...

There's something about being in uniform that makes a person stand taller with squared shoulders, a military bearing, and so attractive. You've doubled that by bringing in the characteristics of a wolf. Wow. What a combination. Wishing you much success, Heather.