Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What do you do with Vampires in Space?

Just Some Thoughts On A Story 

I started a story not too long ago for an anthology. Unfortunately, I had to drop out of the antho due to time constraints and was left with a half-finished story about a vampire on a spaceship, heading to a colony on a planet.

I think it is a neat idea, and was thinking of finishing it. I set in the same world as my book Starlander's Myth, which has a griffon-shifter widow. This is set in space western, cousin of steampunk type world. So we're talking some wild mix of sub-genres.
(I really think this cover needs a space ship in the background!)

Of course, there is the whole marketing question. The keywords would be all over the place. Would it attract any readers? Should I follow my muse or try to be practical?

It would be romance, of course, and probably pretty steamy.

I'm looking forward to the antho a friend is putting together.

Anyone else working on something mixed-genre? Or not working on one? 

I guess my real dilemma is the balance between the muse and the market. I don't think that will be settled anytime soon.


CJ Burright said...

Vampires in space - I love it!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Definitely a different kind of story.

Diane Burton said...

Why not, Melisse? Our imagination is all that stops us. Vampires in space, sure. I have a shapeshifter in some of my space books. I never thought about how to categorize it. I didn't add "shapeshifter" in the description because it was a spoiler. But if the vampire is essential, of course you need to add that to the descriptors. Good luck with this story.