Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bucket List

I've been watching a comedy on Netflix called No Tomorrow. The premise: This guy, Xavier, is convinced an asteroid is going to impact the earth in eight months, wiping us out. 

 So he quits his job and writes a "bucket list" of things he wants to do during his last days. Some of them are poignant, like reconnecting with his estranged father. Some are adventurous, like skydiving. And some are wacky. Rolling down a hill in a huge hamster bubbles was one.
When I turned 60, I experienced the same morbid feeling of "last days" and started my own bucket list. Now, I smile every time I cross something off. Here's the list:

11.     Write & publish my first novel (Done! Song of the Ancients, 2015)
22.      Earn $1,000 from book and apply for PAN status RWA (Done! 2016)
33.     Write a suspense novel (working – aiming for completed draft August)
44.     Write next novel in the paranormal series (starting August)
55.     Get a bigger publisher. Maybe an agent also.
66.     Learn to snowshoe
77.     Learn to cross country ski
88.     Run a 10k race as a senior
99.     Learn to Tango-Salsa-Mambo
110.  Back country hike Yosemite
111. Buy a cabin in the woods (Done! We spend our summers there)
112.  Go through a Croning ceremony
113.  Make a quilt (well, actually finish one)
114. Para-sail
    15.  Attend oldest son's wedding with his new love.  (Almost. He just got engaged last week)
116. Become a grandma (done, sorta)
117.  Witness youngest son fall in love and get married.
118. Take great vacations for book research in Hawaii, Scotland, Wales, Alaska, Newfoundland, Iceland, Central America (Woot Woot! Have Scotland booked for July)
119. Visit an active volcano (this is conjunction with my Ancient Magic Book 3 plot)
220.   Participate in a shamanic journey ceremony

Now it's your turn.  Leave YOUR bucket list in the comments. From the comments here and on my personal website (, I will draw a random name for a digital copy of my paranormal novel, Song of the Ancients.

The only limitation is your imagination. Here's your chance to share your dreams!

 Sandy Wright loves to take ordinary characters and thrust them into extraordinary situations.

In her debut novel, Song of the Ancients, a Midwestern woman moves west for a fresh start. Instead, she becomes the prey in an ancient war to open an underworld portal buried in Sedona, Arizona's magical red rocks.

Readers interested in the dark side of our supernatural world will enjoy of this paranormal suspense series, written by a real-life Wiccan high priestess.


CJ Burright said...

That's a great bucket list! I don't really have a list beyond a few things I intend to do before kicking off, such as travel to Ireland/Scotland/Wales and climb the steps of Macchu Piccu. I did scratch off bungee jumping last year, which was scary-awesome!

Diane Burton said...

What a list! Good for you to have something to shoot for. More importantly, congrats on all the things on there that you've accomplished. I don't have much on my list anymore. I still want to go on an Alaskan land/cruise. My back problems limit how much I can do, so that eliminates a lot of things I wanted to do when I was younger. Make those lists and try hard to accomplish them. Best wishes, Sandy.

Nancy Gideon said...

Oooh, great list!! As years pass, my list has been checked and changed but the top priority now is be able to retire and write full time again (and hopefully retire part time in Arizona!). I still have four years to go. Lists are fabulous tools of focus.

Unknown said...


We are leaving for Scotland on July 1. My goal is to find a mystical place to use as the setting for Book 2 in my Ancient Magic series. So excited! Keep working on your dream, it WILL come true.