Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tools of the Trade by Nancy Gideon

I've always loved this picture of the early 19th Century vampire hunting kit. A nice, tidy assortment of all-business paraphernalia needed to get the job done that, I realized in an epiphany, hasn't gone out of style from my first vampire romance MIDNIGHT KISS, in Regency era England, to the last, MIDNIGHT CRUSADER, set in glittery Las Vegas. Now that's a guy who knew how to pack for the long haul!

Today, I'd have gone for a nice Gucci carry on to stash my stuff, paired with matching shoes, depending on the event. Or the warded trunk of a badass black '67 Impala driven by a Winchester.

Whoops, wrong badass . . .

The tools of the trade are pretty much standard for taking out your ordinary vampire, werewolf, demon, etc. : Bible, holy water, cross and rosary, fire, stake with hammer to drive the point home, and silver - either sharp and pointy and/or bullet version, with pungent garnish optional, whether in an old Carpathian village or on the streets of New York City. You gotta love tradition with staying power. With the passage of time, the tools may be newer, shinier, NIV vs King James, or carry a warranty from Sears, but they all maintain the century's old attributes for killing the unnatural dead (again). But that doesn’t mean you can’t update a classic for your paranormal hunter. Take a tip from VanHelsing's rapid fire crossbow, Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter's acrobatics or Blade's iridescent UV grenades. Nothing is more fun than upgrading the traditional to delight your audience. Or surprising them when the expected cure (or kill) all proves nothing but a myth. What do you mean that only works in the movies?

Don't mock the classics. When in doubt, go for basic black . . . and blue (like those knuckle dusters inscribed with Enochian symbols) but don’t be afraid to include a few flashy accessories (take that from a gal who LOVES her accessories!). The tried and true spiced with your own magical take on what gets your hero and heroine though the night alive can make a believer out of the most cynical reader and have them returning, over and over, just like Dracula remakes.

Sink your teeth into these tasty tributes to the undead where it doesn’t hurt (much) to think outside the box.

What are some unique ways you’ve seen (or written) for disposing of preternatural pests?

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CJ Burright said...

I always get so jealous when Dean and Sam are looking in their trunk, figuring out what tool to use. :) It's good to have variety, yeah?

Diane Burton said...

Amazing how little has changed over the centuries. But then we're talking about dealing with those who've lived for centuries. Your sense of humor always makes me chuckle.

Francesca Quarto said...

As always, Nancy you are fun and flavorful...just like the Juicy Fruit gum I always loved. Thanks for sharing your insights and wit. By the way, I never could help swallowing that darn gum!

Francesca Q.

Victoria Craven said...

You never disappoint. This blog is great.