Friday, September 25, 2020

THAT PAUSE THAT REFRESHES (part deux) by Nancy Gideon

It’s been a loooong several months getting my latest release out into the world and even a longer 10 years completing my “By Moonlight” 15-book series. Frantic promo is done, notes and outlines are put away as a huge chapter closes in my writing career. The next fresh page is daunting . . . What next? Before jumping onto that bandwagon it’s time to take the pause that refreshes (this time in a COVID world), relaxing spirit, body, and brain. That’s how I’ve unapologetically spent my September – stepping away, relaxing and rejuvenating with these tension-purging steps . . .

1. Unwind. Put creative thoughts away and just relax (with a friend-binging Netflix, in my case); 

2. Get outside, soak up that Vitamin D, and jam with the sounds of nature; 

3. Dream happy dreams of where you could be right now (in my case, Ireland or Arizona);

4. Hang (for now, virtually) with creative friends to stir the muse and set creative fires. Zooming with critique partners and writers’ groups, in my case. Can’t wait for those brainstorming weekends with my PotL pals; and, 

5. Wait for it . . . and be ready to follow inspiration when it strikes. 

Simple steps. What are some of yours? My results I’ll get to in next month’s post. Until then, HAPPY WRITING!!

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Sandra Hoover said...

Sounds like you're rocking the down time! Relax, Rest, Rewind. Can't wait to see what's next for you, Nancy!

Maureen said...

Great tips! We all need to take that pause now and then- enjoy yours!

Nancy Gideon said...

Thanks, ladies! All revitalized and ready to go back to work at the keyboard - at 5 a.m. (We'll see how long that lasts!).

Diane Burton said...

Enjoy that downtime. After what you've been through with this last novel, you deserve it. Open your mind to inspiration for what comes next.

Anonymous said...

Great post! And so good to see Laurie, Loralee and Vicki! ::sniff:: miss my POTL gals! --Elizabeth, who can't believe it's been almost a year since I saw you and Laurie in New Orleans for our Anniversary Vow Renewal! Just got notification that next year's book festival is going to be virtual again, too!!!