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Shifters vs. Aliens

Hello everyone! It’s great to be back on Paranormal Romantics. I’m only guesting this time to talk about my new release, but I’m happy to announce that starting in February, I will be a regular monthly contributor on the seventh of each month. I’m so excited!

Last week, the fifth book in my Shifter Towers series, DEMON ON JACKSON STREET, released. It is an MPreg MLM Paranormal Romance. And today, I’m going to share some information about my aliens vs. my shifters. I started out writing sci-fi romance, but just finished writing a shifter romance series. With my next series, I’m going back to writing sci-fi romance, but I’m not ready to leave my shifters behind. I do want to go back to them after I write the trilogy I have planned.

So, in writing aliens and shifters, it’s important to note that my aliens and shifters aren’t going to be the same (have the same characteristics) as those written by another author. Sure, there will be some basic characteristics, but there are also many variables. Here’s a rundown of mine…



The shifters in my Shifter Towers series


Though I do have a demon who can change his form, all the other shifters in the series are human and can shift into different animal forms. They include tigers, bunnies, wolves, mink, bears, jaguars, leopard cats, and more.


The Shifter Towers series is set in an alternate universe, but a world very similar to ours. The main city where the stories take place is the metropolis of Saramto.


It is a time period very similar to ours, with the same technology, but not the same current events.


Before I wrote this series, I’d been reading a lot of published stories and fanfiction about shifters. I wanted to try writing a series about shifters of my own.



I have many stories about aliens, including my Alien Next Door series, and Galactic Defenders.


By aliens, I mean, they were not born on Earth. Some of them can shift their form, but most of them remain static in their appearance. Most look humanoid with some variations, while others are not.


Some of their stories take place on Earth, some in space, and others on distant planets.


Some of their stories are set in the present, while many are set in the future.


I’ve always been fascinated by space, science fiction, and the idea that aliens exist somewhere beyond our own planet. My first published story was sci-fi romance, as are the majority of the stories I’ve written.

What characteristics do you think are important in any shifter or alien characters you read about?

Shifter Towers #5
by Jessica E. Subject


Once upon a time there was a demon who was the best at convincing people to sell their souls. That was me. Is me. And now I have a new assignment, one Father told me would be difficult. I didn’t know what “difficult” meant until I met the young man, someone who has barely anything. Collecting his soul should be easy, right? There are so many things I can give him. Except, he doesn’t believe he deserves a better life. I have to find something he desires before the assignment is given to my brother. Because Crow uses the most villainous means to obtain souls. Lines I don’t cross. And I don’t want to see Toby hurt. There has to be another way.


I’m not like them. I can’t shift into a predator to defend myself, or even into a small rodent to run and hide. The wolf shifters know that every time they rough me up and steal my food. I always wish for a guardian angel to protect me from them. Then one day Jet appears, looking nothing like the angel I’d imagined. But I don’t know if I should trust him. He makes me feel things no other alpha ever has. Dangerous things. Not good when I have to stay focused on my grandmother. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have her around.

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Nancy Gideon said...

Welcome, Jessica!! I'm so glad you'll be sharing about your unique series here as well as on WeWriWa!

Diane Burton said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! So glad you joined our merry band. LOL A great post about your characters. I had to laugh at one of your shifters being a bunny. (I remember that story.) It seems so strange when shifters are "normally" fierce animals. Your alpha/omega characters bring an interesting variety to readers.

Jessica E. Subject said...

Thank you so much, Nancy!

Jessica E. Subject said...

Thank you, Diane! It's definitely great to be a part of Paranormal Romantics again! Yes, I like to slip away from the "norm" in my stories. Though, I just learned of a book from one of my fellow MPreg authors, where one of the shifters is a woodchuck. :D Lots of great animals to choose from!

Maureen said...

Hi Jessica - great to have you back! I enjoyed learning a little more about your story!

Jessica E. Subject said...

Thank you very much, Maureen!

Keri Kruspe said...

Welcome aboard! Woo-hoo for aliens and shifters! I can't wait to read your stuff :)

Because I'm alot like you, (loving both aliens and shifters)book 2 of my latest Ancient Alien Descendants series has a smart-assed shapeshifer alien.
They are so much fun to read and write about.

Mary Morgan said...

Welcome, Jessica! Love those shifters!