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Celebrate 100 Years of the Discovery of Tut's Tomb with @MeganSlayer's Heart of Egypt - #mummyromance #romance #lgbtq #mmromance #hotread #gay #gayromance


Heart of Egypt by Megan Slayer

Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal, LGBTQ Romance


From Pride Publishing


His heart has always belonged to the man he loves—a modern-day actor?

Thutmose knew from the moment he purchased the six-carat ruby that he had something special. So much so, he refused to turn the gem over to the Pharaoh. His punishment for his disobedience? Death and a curse. He shall wear the Heart of Egypt for eternity.

Second chances aren’t permitted—until Aiden touches his coffin.

Aiden Cory, star of the show Hunters, has no idea he’s stumbled on a mummy or the chance at finding true love. When he meets Thut, he’s head-over-heels. He doesn’t know about the Heart of Egypt, but he knows he’s attracted to Thut. There’s the minor problem of Thut being a mummy.

Can modern love save Thut from an ancient curse?



©Megan Slayer, 2022, All Rights Reserved


“Do you not love your Pharaoh? Are you not devoted to me?”

“I am.” But the Pharaoh wasn’t his dearest love. Apparently neither was Azizi.

“You would accept the love of your lowly born lover over me? And you wouldn’t offer the gem in order to save your lover?” The Pharaoh raked his fingernails down Thutmose’s bare chest. “You’ve displeased me. Your heart, body and riches should belong to me. To the kingdom. You vowed to belong to me once. Why not again?”

He said nothing. His allegiances belonged to the Pharaoh, but his heart belonged to Azizi.

“Very well.” The Pharaoh let go and stepped away from Thutmose. “I’ve given you plenty of time to obey. For your actions, I curse you to death, but not any death. You have been found guilty of declining to acquiesce to the Pharaoh’s wishes and your punishment is mummification. You will be parted from that ruby, the rest of your riches as well as your life. Your mummy will rot and you will be ignored by the ages. True love can’t save you. Nothing can.” He snapped his fingers.

A servant brought in Azizi, who then sat beside the Pharaoh. Azizi rested his head on the Pharaoh’s lap.

“You should’ve given him the gem.” Azizi stroked the Pharaoh’s thigh. “Now you’ll pay with your life.”

Another servant grasped Thutmose’s arm. Pain surged through Thutmose. When he looked down at his chest, the tip of a blade poked through his skin and the hilt jammed into his back. His entire body ached and red blood spread down his torso. He’d never known pain this deep or such a full betrayal.

“If I cannot have the gem, then no one can.” The Pharaoh stood over Thutmose as he collapsed on the floor. “Mummify him. Now. I want him to suffer.”

Thutmose couldn’t believe what was happening. He swore he heard someone—maybe the Pharaoh—demand the servants search him for the gem. Let them. He was dying. He didn’t need a ruby now. He’d rather have his life.


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Nancy Gideon said...

What an intense scene of love and betrayal. I adore ancient Egyptian stories and movies (thank you, The Mummy series!). But it's not an adventure I'd take, sissy that I am.