Monday, March 20, 2023

Happy Spring! Though here in Northern Florida, it feels like winter. February was warm March? Not so much. I have the heat on and my winter clothes. But I do love this time of year. All its unpredictability fits my personality. 

I celebrated a new release. On March 16th, my historical, paranormal, action, adventure, and romance went live. I managed to squeeze in quite a few tropes into this one as well as categories. 

So, tropes. What the heck is a trope? According to, a trope is a recurring element or a frequently used plot device in a work of literature or art. A trope can be a person, place, thing, or situation.

Here are some general examples.

Good vs. evil

Secret identity

Paranormal, romance, and fantasy have their own list. For instance,

The Chosen One.


Star-crossed Lovers

Fairy Tale retelling

Enemies to Lovers

I happen to adore soul-mates and star-crossed lovers, even not paranormal ones. Some of my favorite movies are,




The King and I

A Star is Born.

In Sea Hunter, I squeezed in Soul-Mates (by the power of the Mortar & Pestle), Enemies to Lovers, Force Proximity (stuck on a boat), and sort of a cute meet (though it was more life and death).

I think the most important to me is the HEA, or happily ever after. Sea Hunter was a hoot to write. The vernacular of the 1940s made me laugh at times. Especially when they got tangled up in each other’s wool. I’ll leave you to figure out that euphemism.

There are so many different tropes, and the readers who love them. Even in the Mortar & Pestle series, each book follows a different one.

Do you have a favorite? Tell me about it.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about the series, here is a link to a free eBooks download sample


Jessica E. Subject said...

I live in Southwestern Ontario, and this winter, we got the majority of our snow at Christmas, and then late February into March. In between, we got freezing rain. It's definitely been a different winter than what we're used to.

As for tropes, there are so many that I love! Fated mates finding each other is always great, especially when they traveled great distances to find each other. Reunion stories, and friends to lovers are great, too, and there are many more I love to read!

Barbara Bettis said...

I'm right there with you on the confusing weather. Here in SW Missouri we went from the 60s to 24 overnight. I'm so ready for spring--but I have to say I don't care for the intense heat either.

Trops? Well, just give me a good story and I'll accept most any trope. I do like a dark and troubled hero ripe for redemption--I've never been above to write that story LOL. But I do like to read them. Continued all the best!!

Marilyn Barr said...

I love soulmates tropes too - especially forbidden love or culture clashing fated mates. Sea Hunter was a joy to read because I could feel your enthusiasm through the pages. Zahra & Jack's chemistry was natural & entertaining too.

Diane Burton said...

You'd think after living in Michigan most of my life that I'd be used to snow. Hah! Spring can come anytime. I enjoy reunion stories. Oh, heck. I like them all.

Anonymous said...

At home in New Jersey we say if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change. Those are great tropes. D.

Anonymous said...

I do love the the flwed hero too. Thanks Barbara. D.

Anonymous said...

My Florida neighbors are from Michigan. Oh, and me too. D

Nancy Gideon said...

Ooooh! The '40s. I don't think I've explored that decade . . . yet. I used tropes before I knew they had a name but it really helps the reader find a particular type of romance they enjoy. And just maybe coaxs them to try something new.