Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blog-a-Thon 2010 where the depraved and dirty minded come to gather for the weekend.

Da Rules

  • Every hour a new blog will go up until midnight. Saturday Noon to Midnight then Sunday 9 AM to Midnight.
  • Each blog will have a simple draw contest. DON'T FORGET YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS.
  • For the NOOK contest you need to answer the following seven questions and SEND your answers to
  • All answers can be found in the blogs.
  • Contests close at 10:00AM Monday morning. Winners will be posted at Noon.

Da Questions

  1. How would Annie Nicholas catch a vampire?
  2. What kind of wolves does Rebecca Royce write about?
  3. What does Sandra Sookoo love about October?
  4. Who does Sara Brookes think is the Master of Halloween?
  5. What animal is J. Hali Steele writing about recently?
  6. What kind of photos is DL Jackson showing?
  7. Does Stacey Kennedy want to be bitten?
Don't post your answers here. E-mail them to

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