Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Master of Horror by Sara Brookes

For me, whenever Halloween comes around, it reminds me of my love of scary things. With all the haunted houses, forests and--near me--amusement parks, it's no wonder this time of year I'm like a kid in a candy store. Coupled with my love of books, you can imagine I have quite a collection of horror novels. It's not as large as it was when I was younger, but there was one author I refused to toss.

Stephen King.

Yep, I have all of his books in hardcover and could read them over and over. About six years ago, a friend was tossing her King collection and asked me if I needed any. While I had them all, my copies were obviously well used and dog eared. My copy of IT was terrible because I'd read it so many times. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to have a fresh set of his books and took everything she had. I packed away my copies, some were first editions, and now have the ones given to me on my shelves just waiting to be well-loved again.

So, what about you, do you have a love or hate for horror movies/novels?


The Scarf Princess said...

I love horror movies and yes, Stephen is a great writer. My favorite of his is The Stand. Great buildup with characters you care about in a very scary position.

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Jennifer Mathis said...

my mom collects Stephan King novel so I think I have read all of his and enjoyed them . I love a good horror novels and of course has spent all month watching horror movie

Linda Henderson said...

I like a good horror book, but I'm more careful on horror movies. The Exorcist still scares the stuffing out of me. That's one movie I won't watch again.

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Judy said...

I also love horror books. I can read them, but to say to go to the movies and see them, I am a whiny baby!! Knowing it is not real, I still sit there with my hands over my eyes, jumping at the worst parts!! The movie "IT" liked to have scared me to death:)


Lil said...

It's a funny thing. I am terribly squeamish with watching horror movies but don't mind reading horror novels.

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chelea_girl said...

I love all things horror. I especially love being in a packed theater - all you need is for one person to jump or scream to start a freaky chain reaction!

sonya said...

I love Stephen Kings' Books
But I Hate Horror movies go figure

sonya said...

forgot the addy again


annalisa said...

I like horror books, but I don't see as many horror movies as I used to when I was younger.


Shauna said...

I like the books, but the movies. I was young when I got drug to see misery. I didn't know that it was a horror story. Needless to say I screamed bloody murder. Now the Friday 13th series can be just plain funny due to the cliches.

Cathy M said...

I've never really been in to horror movies. The last one I saw was Stephen's, It, which was fantastically scary and suspenseful, and gave me nightmares for weeks.

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*yadkny* said...

I am kinda in the middle when it comes to horror movies/novels... I think it depends on my mood.


Vicky CK said...

I am not a big fan of horror. Really don't like the stuff that scares my brain (vs just grossing my out or the 'jump factor' in some movies). HOWEVER, I have worn out a copy of The Stand by King and probably will have to replace my current copy soon. (Just like I love the Evil Dead movies even though I hate zombie movies.) Yes, the TV special turn me on to the book, but the book is SOOO much better!

JeanMP said...

Love Stephen King and his books. Have watched the movies.

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elaing8 said...

I prefer Horror movies over books. i have seen a few Stephen King movies but never read a book.

Maria D. said...

I'm not big on horror films or books in general but I do like some Stephen King books and I do enjoy some of the older suspense type films that have scary elements...I'm a chicken iin


Carlie Angelus said...

I just really like quality writing and you definitely get that with Stephen King. I heard that he handwrites (on paper) all of his first draft novels. This boggles my mind!

His books are so complex and so long!

I love horror that is not just gruesome and kill everyone with a sharp instrument but really has a story behind the scare.


Kim S. said...

Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm a weird one! I don't get scared by the horror movies and don't really care for them. But I love the horror books. But not Stephen King!??(see, told you I'm weird!!)

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