Saturday, October 23, 2010

Got a Log Line???

Taking a break from the Saturday serial and I'll resume posting next week.
In the mean time, I want to talk about log lines.

What’s a log line, you ask. It’s the content of a book condensed into one or two sentences, that entice a reader to go out and buy the novel.

I’ve been working on log lines lately, some of the lines are for published novels, one for a soon to be released novel and others for works in progress. Tell me if you can guess the genre or subgenre of the books in these log lines. Some of these are blatantly obvious and others very subtle.

~Murdered, his soul captured, Nathanial Miller wakes up to find he has inherited the body of his killer and the psychic abilities of a monster.

~Some loves last a lifetime, others never end.

~Evolution never happened so fast.

~Detonate, an explosive story of love on an alien world.

~God created life, scientists—clones, society—monsters.

~ Earth, population 6.6 billion, approximately fifty percent female. Finding the perfect bride should be easy.

Now, let’s see your best log lines.


J Hali said...

DL, I have to do these for one publisher and, gosh, they are not easy to come up with. I'd say you have a real handle on it by reading yours!! :) I'll drop you a line when I need a new one...coming soon, LOL! Here's one of mine: Getting enough cream is a problem for this cat...

J Hali said...

Ooh! another one: One stroke of his tongue and you're his forever!

D L Jackson said...

I'd say erotic shifter with a cat.

Annie Nicholas said...

Oh the torture, the torture...

I break my brain every time I have to come up with one. I'd the best is from the Omegas.

"Only a vampire is man enough to teach werewolves how to fight."