Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heebie Jeebies??? by D.L. Jackson

What scares you?
Does the dark terrorize you? What about spiders? Do they make you tremble—do they make you scream? Snakes? Swimming in deep water? How about ghosts? Are they real? Have you ever had an encounter of the supernatural kind?
Some say fear is spawned from the unknown. I say it can be spawned from what we know. Here are some examples.  These pictures might appear to be nothing more than a camera malfunctions or fog on the road at night, that is, until you know the story behind the pictures. And it’s knowing what you’re looking at, that makes it scary.
 A few years ago I took a road trip with my sister-in-law and my sons to the Boston Museum of Science. We had a great time, took tons of pictures. When we got home we went through them and came to a dead stop on this picture of my son. Neither one of the photos before or after have any issues.
Look close at my son's arm. You can see bone through his shirt and his arm appears to be broken. Also, if you look real close, you'll see a face super-imposed over his head. Two eyes, a nose and mouth. The top of the skull starts above his head and the bottom of the chin ends at his shoulders. Now the scary part. My son has broken that arm in the same place. One other interesting thing—this picture was taken in front of the human lung exhibit with actual human remains in the case.

Now is your skin crawling?

The second picture has another story. Fremont County, Colorado. It's the home of cowboys, people who love the outdoors, artists and ghosts. Here's a picture my brother took. At the time he thought it was of an old foundation. After he downloaded the photos to his computer he saw this. It shows up better on a computer that isn't a flat screen, so I hope you can see the faces in the fog. By the way, it wasn't a foundation. It was an old mine that collapsed back in the 1800s and was sealed off for public safety and that fog wasn't there when he took the picture.
The scary part—It’s a mass grave.

 One last scare—uh picture.

Back to my brother’s creepy hobby. He goes out at night and photographs old cemeteries, ghost towns condemned buildings and he’s even visited an old abandoned smelting plant in the hope of catching the images of the residents we don't know are there. He's captured some pretty woo-woo moments and this is one of them. This is the site of a fatal car accident in the 50’s. The fog wasn't there when the picture was taken. My brother attempted to take the picture several times before his camera finally worked. New batteries, new camera. It worked fine everywhere but the spot of the accident. Finally it worked and he captured this.
The scary part—look in the lower right hand corner an inch from the bottom. There's a face.

Anybody see any others?

Happy Halloween, Paranormal Romantics!
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Maria said...

it says to click here but nothing happens when you click.


elaing8 said...

pretty cool photos.
I see the broken bone but not the face.
The 2nd picture I don't see the face just the fog.
The third I do see the face.

Virginia said...

I love this kind of stuff. The first pic is verra interesting. I couldn't see the skull in it though, but the bone and arm were cool, as well as the orangeish lights. In that last one if you focus on what you are calling fog and take in the whole right side to me it looks like a woman with long dark hair, some strnds across her face. But you can see her lips and eyes and everything. and its like her hand is above her head. It would look like for lack of a better way of putting it a body laid out with eyes closed and very pale. But that is what I see. It could be just me LOL. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Mathis said...

wow those are some pretty freaky photos

Linda Henderson said...

Those photos are creepy, I think if I had taken them they would have totally freaked me out.

seriousreader at live dot com

Annie Nicholas said...

see, this scares me more than any horror movie.

I once had a total freak out while trudging through hip high snow in a cementary. It felt like something grabbed my ankle. All my over active imgination I'm sure but...

(don't ask what I was doing there in a snow storm.)

kimmyl said...

Definately creepy but so interesting.

Judy said...

I am also interested in this type of things. I wonder if it is something showing up or just a malfunction. I am not so sure if it happened with pictures I had taken, it might scare me:)


Tabitha Blake said...

Pretty creepy! I do believe in ghosts. I lived in a haunted house once and never want to experience that again. It was a very evil creature that physically attached me twice. Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

Cathy M said...

Wow, totally creepy, and perfect pics for Halloween.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

annalisa said...

Those pics are really creepy!


Kim S. said...

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wow...these are great photos D.L.!! Really fascinating! When I was sixteen, our german class went to Germany for ten days. While there we went to the concentration camp, Dachau. There were twelve of us taking the tour and snapping pictures. At a sign next to a mass grave, we all crowded together and took pictures. Fifteen pictures were taken, we kids all alternated holding our cameras and then the teacher, her husband and our chaperon took her picture. NOT A ONE CAME OUT after we got home and had them developed.(back when pics had to be developed!! LOL) And, each of us has one picture taken a different place there that has 'a smudge' on it!(we ALL know the smudge is a ghost!) We talked about this in class after we returned home for many days, and finally just decided that because of the atrocities committed there, that it was those that died that controlled our camera's that day. We learned so very much at that one place alone as young teenagers.

thewildtwo @ gmail [dot] com

chelea_girl said...

Those are some really awesome pictures!


*yadkny* said...

They're creepy pics and the stories behind them make them even scarier, but they're really cool to look at. I'll probably be taking a closer look at some of the pics I take from now on.


Stacy said...

Okay, so I'm reading this in the dark and fairly late. Can we say heebie jeebies. Ah, goose bumps.

Happy Halloween

Sherry Gloag said...

Amazing pics and fascinating. There's so much more out there than we're prepared to admit.
You know what? It's interesting how many folk found those pics scary and yet read vampire books etc :-)
I didn't find the pics scary, but then, I wasn't there!! LOL

D L Jackson said...

I too have been to Dachau. Walking around, you could feel a sense of dread and sadness attached to the place. I imagine if I took pictures, something very well might have made itself known. My brother has a multitude of orbs in cemetaries and freaky photos. My old house, when we put it up for sale, my real estate agent took pictures and counted three orbs in my bedroom floating over my side of the bed. Gaurdian angels, spirits of departed loved ones, not sure, but I now know someone is watching me.

The first photo, look at the fog, where the darker spots are. (eyes, nose and mouth) It's a large face, the eyes as big as my son's head. The second is really hard to see with flat screens. But you put it up on one of the old curved screens and you'll see about thirteen faces that look like they're screaming. I can't tell you how cold my blood ran when my brother pulled the card out of his camera and pulled that photo up on his computer. And then he offered to take me to the spot--at night.
No thank you!

Carlie Angelus said...

That last picture is a fright fest all in and of itself. Yikes!

I've tried and tried to experience the paranormal but have come to the conclusion that it must find me when it is ready. LOL

As far as what scares me--mimes! They freak me out!


ladydi6497 said...
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ladydi6497 said...

That third picture made me jump. I saw an eye where you said the face is, on my flat screen. I would love to find pictures like that on my camera.

Thanks for sharing.


Jean P said...

Those are cool pictures, but rather freaky. Not sure if I would like to find pictures like that on my camera. Thanks for sharing them.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Lil said...

Wow, spooky photos. I don't think I am anywhere as brave as your brother.

Happy Halloween!

joder said...

Very intriguing photos. I'm not sure I see everything that others see--I have trouble seeing ultrasound photos of babies too. But they still look super freaky whatever they are.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com


Now, I mean no harm but you are crazy. I didn't see snything.


Annie Nicholas said...

contest is closed