Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's My Life

It seems once again I've gotten inspiration for this week's blog post from The Biggest Loser.

"This is the moment
It’s on the line
Which way you gonna fall?
In the middle between
Wrong and right
But you know after all

It’s your life
What you gonna do?
The world is watching you
Every day the choices you make
Say what you are and who
Your heart beats for
It’s an open door
It’s your life"--
Album: My Paper Heart
Artist: Francesca Battistelli

I'm not very enamored by the Biggest Loser this time around. I only watch it because there's nothing else in that time slot I'm interested in either. lol

Anyway, I do appreciate that these people work their tails off every week to gain a goal--impossible though it may seem.

I think everyone has a series of hills and mountains in front of them at any given time. Sometimes, that's all you see is more peaks--never valleys. You just get through climbing and conquering one and bam! here comes another--bigger--one.

That's life and you can either chose to continue on or turn back in failure.

Failure isn't an option on my agenda.

My writing life for the last two weeks has been spent doing edits for various projects--more than any person probably has a right to lol Did I want to do them? Not really, no. I wanted to work on a project but I couldn't. Had to keep climbing the hills.

I wrote back-to-back short stories I wasn't in love with this last past month. Did I want to? Nope. I wanted to write the story that's been pushing at my brain with tiny alien hands. I couldn't because I had to keep climbing those hills.

Now, this week, my brain is tired as it always is after doing tons of edits (I still have 2 separate rounds in my inbox) But I really want to work on this new project. I think it'll be good.

I look up. Another hill, this one bigger than the others. At the risk of sounding very Star Wars, I sense an upheaval in the Force right now (yeah, couldn't resist) A couple of things are getting ready to change in my writing life and I'm cautiously optimistic about them. I'm looking ahead to next year for my goals and I'm actually in a happy place about those things.

Once I get through all these edits (hopefully by the end of this month) I'll be home free to do what I want to do. It is, after all, my life, and baby, I plan on climbing every mountain until I reach my dreams (ugh, sorry for the quote from the Sound of Music)

Yikes, I need to quit while I'm ahead. LOL Are you conquering those mountains or are you stuck in neutral, clinging white-knuckled to the side? And if you are, what are you gonna do about it? Sometimes, you just gotta let stuff go, lighten the load, in order to move forward.

Have a great day everyone :-)


Nerine Dorman said...

Deadlines... Threatening to drown me but I've been able to strike a balance between the work I do for my publisher as content editor but make the time also for my own writing. Going a bit crazy at the moment with timing but hey, I thrive on pressure. If I didn't have that pressure, I'd not get anything done.

Sandra Sookoo said...

lol Nerine--I've learned one thing in the last month. I'm not a big fan of deadlines lol Did I make them? Yeah. Did it cut the creative process off at the knees? A little bit. Live and learn I guess :-)