Saturday, October 30, 2010

Loving Halloween by Ashlynn Monroe

Hooray Halloween, it's the best holiday for paranormal lovers everywhere, and the candy lover inside of them.  When I was a kid, I was a witch every year.  That’s all I ever wanted to be when I grew up.  People would ask me what I was going to be when I grew up and I’d proudly say, “Witch”.  My mom would cringe.  If you ask my hubby, he’ll tell you that at least one week out of every month, I got my wish!  I love Halloween.  You can be anything you want to be.  I’m still trying to figure out how to be skinny, but other than that, I’m all set. 

My kids love Halloween.  The only thing that they don’t like is the fact that I’m cheap.  Ask my friends I’m the cheapest woman alive! I buy the kids costumes the year before a week after Halloween and then I resell them at the second hand store after the holiday.  Last year I made more money on costumes than I spent!  I always have any assortment for the kids to choose from and so far, they’ve never had a problem finding one that they like in the costume tub in the basement. 

I love watching all the kids in costumes, knowing that tomorrow they’ll just be plain old kids. Yet, for a few magical hours, they can be superheroes, monsters or princesses.  Our neighborhood has a huge outdoor decorating contest and people have animated displays and smoke machines.  The teens dress up and jump out of the bushes at the kids.  It’s great!  These houses always have the best candy too! My youngest is five so the more gruesome displays and consumes still scare him but my nine-year-old daughter loves it all! 

This Halloween curl up with a good erotic book…might I suggest mine? Silver Publishing is offering my book Just One Night October 30.  It’s the story of a man who learns that when your wife is a witch it’s best not to have a three way with her coven sisters.  Wynn finds himself cursed to be a tomcat because of his actions.  He has looked to end his curse for centuries and time is running out.  Wynn has just one night to find true love before he’s doomed to live on as a cat forever.  I love this story and I hope you will too.  It was a blast to write, thank you in advance if you decide to curl up with it after the little boils and ghouls are in bed tonight!
Have a safe and happy Halloween and happy reading! 
***HUGS*** Ashlynn Monroe  J
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ashlynn monroe said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog today. Thank you Paranormal Romantics for allowing me the opportunity to blog today, I’m so please to be here in such talented company.

Good luck everyone, I can't wait to see who’ll win the nook. I hope the winner of Blood and Bondage enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ve only been published since June so I’m a newbie. If you’ve already picked up one of my books thank you from the bottom of my heart! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. My readers have been so good to me, thanks for taking a chance on the new girl! To find out more about my books go to

Have a safe Halloween. After my kids go around collecting a trunk load of candy tomorrow I’m going to be curling up with a few of Silver Publishing’s Halloween Novella’s! I can’t wait to dig in, I just downloaded to my Sony and I doubt I’ll be able to hold off until tomorrow to start reading them.

Jean P said...

Love the sound of your book. Must check it out.
Happy Halloween!

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Maria said...

Yes it might be "frugal" to do what you do with the Halloween costumes but there's nothing wrong with saving some $$$ and it sounds like you get enough costumes to give the kids a nice variety


elaing8 said...

I had 3 older siblings,so costumes were always handed down,but that was always ok, my siblings had some great costumes.As long as I got a boatload of candy I didn't care what I dressed up as.
Your book sounds great..Don't you wish we could all threaten our man with being turn into a cat if they don't stay

Tabitha Blake said...

This sounds like a really good story. But I am a paranormal reader and writer. I also love cats. Guess that explains why it sparks my interest. LOL!

ashlynn monroe said...

@Maria, lol the cheap is a long time force of habit. When you grow up with empty cupboards it really makes you appreciate how money is here today gone tomorrow. :)

@Elaing8, I feel the same way. It was really fun cursing the hero. I felt like I was vindicating every lady who'd ever been played ROFL! He eventually made me proud of him, but at first I didn't like him very much lol.

@Tabitha, Thanks so much! I really appreciate that. You made me smile.

@Jean P., Your comment warmed my heart. Thanks for putting me on cloud nine.

Thanks for taking your time to respond today I enjoyed reading your comments. :)

Leatherdykeuk said...

Ha! Cursed to be a tomcat sounds like a lot of fun -- especially if they then have hin 'done' hehe


Carlie Angelus said...

For me, it is kind of like Christmas when I take more joy in watching others open the gifts that I've carefully selected for them than I do in opening gifts for myself.

I love checking out everyone else's costumes and love seeing all the thought that goes into them.

This year my little one is SuperMan and if I can keep that cape on--it will be a miracle!


ashlynn monroe said...

@Leatherdykeuk I laughed so hard when I read your post that my hubby asked me what was up. He narrowly escapes a nip tuck ROFL!

@Carlie I bet your Super Man will be adorable. My daughter is a witch (we have matching costumes) and my son is Mario. He was irritated that his dad wouldn't be Luigi, but the hubby is always the Hockey mask Halloween guy lol.

Hope you get great treats and no tricks! Thanks so much for taking your time to comment today. :)

ashlynn monroe said...

you can watch the Just One Night book trailer on youtube

Judy said...

If you told my husband your story, he would say I must have gotten your wish:) Naw, he is a great guy, but I can be a "witch" at times.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween also!!


Linda Henderson said...

I love stories with witches and magic. I'll definitely be wanting to read this one.

seriousreader at live dot com

Jessica Subject said...

I used to dress up as a witch as a child as well, and one year, I played the witch in Hansel and Gretel. This year, my daughter decided to be a witch. Hmm... :)

ashlynn monroe said...

@Judy,! At least I'm in good company thanks for the solidarity Judy!

@ Linda, Thanks so much! Your comment helped ease my release day jitters.

@Jessica, She sounds adorable! I bet she's a good witch, I was always a bad witch ROFL! We're lucky to have sweet little witches to love this Halloween. :)

Jennifer Mathis said...

oh the book sounds great (that'll teach him ;)

Kim S. said...

Happy Halloween everyone!

Cute post Ashlynn! I can sympathize with your mom on the repetitive costume! Our son was always a Power Ranger. By the time it came for his last Halloween, I was proficient at making his costume! And, yep...I made all their costumes! And I have them all saved for them to share with their children when they have them!!

You're a new to me author and I look forward to reading your books!

thewildtwo @ sbcglobal [dot] com

ashlynn monroe said...

@ Jennifer, Thanks so much! I do love it when I write a flawed hero who redeems himself.

@ Kim, Thanks for commenting. I bet your son will really appreciate that you saved those treasured memories. I wish I could sew! Your son was lucky to have a mom who loved him so much. I hope they decide to make you a grandma soon.

I really enjoyed reading both of your comments. Thanks for responding to my blog and I hope you both have a wonderful Halloween. Also, thanks for giving a newbie like me a chance to share my imagination. I've written for myself since I was in my teens, but at thirty I'm finally a published author. I love it so much. It's been that one big wish, hope, dream and now it's real. Thanks for being a part of it. Readers have no idea how much they mean to authors. :)

chelea_girl said...

Just One Night sounds like such a great book. I can't wait to read it!


*yadkny* said...

I've downloaded some Halloween novellas on my Sony too and will be reading them tomorrow as well:) I've read some really awesome reviews about your books!


ashlynn monroe said...

@Chelea_girl, thanks so much! I hope it's as much fun to read as it was to write!

@Yadkny, It sounds like I'll be in good company when I'm reading tonight. I can't think of a better way to spend my Halloween night (except maybe writing lol). Thanks so much for your comment. I've been so happy with my reviews.

ladydi6497 said...

Costumes are expensive. I waited until the last minute to buy my son his this year (50% off.)

I love the storyline of JUST ONE NIGHT.



Lil said...

Funnily enough my hubby says the same about me. He loves me anyway, though.

Happy Halloween!

little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

joder said...

When we were little, my mom always made our costumes. She did such a great job since we consistently won costume contests. It used to be economical making your own costume, but fabric has gotten so expensive.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

ashlynn monroe said...

@Joder, Sounds like your mom is awesome. Give her a big hug for me. I wish I could sew lol!

@Lil, My hubby loves me too but when you're married to someone they know your dark side ROFL!

@Ladydi6497, Great deal! I bet the kids had a great time getting candy. Mine saw all their friends tonight and cleaned house when it came to candy!

Rae M. said...

I don't know, I might give you a run for your money on the cheapest woman title! I too always buy holiday things the days after and then use them next year. So it's not just you!

Thanks and Happy Halloween!


Annie Nicholas said...

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