Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Love for NOLA by Vivian Pound

If anyone read my bio, they would know that I’m an Army brat, but claim Louisiana as home. I love Louisiana. It’s a place of rich culture, sensual people, enticing food, and an underlying mysticism that draws you to it. And if you’re looking for the perfect place to celebrate Halloween, then New Orleans is your stop.
New Orleans has a special kind of love for the paranormal and otherworldly. On a normal day, you can take a ghost tour, visit a psychic, or check out a voodoo shop. But Halloween brings a special kind of supernatural craziness to NOLA. Some of the must sees during Halloween are:
·       Krewe of Halloween Parade
·       The Voodoo Music Experience
·       The Vampire Ball
·       Stay at a Haunted Hotel
·       Visit the The LaLaurie house
·       Cemetery and Voodoo Tour
·       Myrtles Plantation
With so many spooky creepy activities, how can any paranormal lover not want to be in New Orleans? So, if you have the chance to visit my home state, I hope you jump at the chance. If you’re a brave soul, then try out some of the undead activities. I will admit that I stay away from many of them, because other than in my books and imagination, I tend to leave the otherworldly folks along. Don’t get a chance to hang out in the Big Easy, then pick up one of my stories.
Giving away a copy of Soul Catcher with a download in Nook as well!


Maria said...

I would love to be in New Orleans to celebrate Halloween...some of the activities sound like a lot of fun...but like you I would probably avoid the ones that have to do with the otherworldly

Rebecca Royce said...

I love love love New Orleans. Lived there for years, met my husband there. Love it.

elaing8 said...

I would love to go to New Orleans and attend the Vampire Ball. That sounds pretty cool.

Jean P said...

Always wanted to visit New Orleans it always sounds like a fun place to visit.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Leatherdykeuk said...

I'd love to experience New orleans


Tabitha Blake said...

I think you are so right Louisiana has such a rich paranormal history. From the haunted graveyards to the deep seeded voodoo practices. But I don't mess with that stuff. I will read it but I steer clear of the real thing.

Carlie Angelus said...

I love New Orleans. Once went on a haunted cemetary tour. Scared the socks off me!


Margay said...

I would love to go to New Orleans some day, but I also want to visit some of the old plantations of Louisiana.

Judy said...

I love your post. I have lived in Louisiana for forty years!! I love it. In fact my granddaughter is at the Voodoo Music Festival this weekend. As you say, there is always something to do. Margay the old plantations are elegant. My younger granddaughte who is 12 wants to go the Myrtles and spend the night for her birthday in February. Her 13th birthday.


Cathy M said...

New Orleans this time of year must be totally wild.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Linda Henderson said...

I've always wanted to visit New Orleans.I've heard the food is wonderful and I'd love to check out some of the spooky sights.

seriousreader at live dot com

Jessica Subject said...

New Orleans sounds like a great place. It must be haunting this weekend.


Jennifer Mathis said...

oh New Orleans must be super fun this time of year and I bet the weathers plesant too

Kim S. said...

Happy Halloween everyone!

Great post Vivian! It is my greatest wish to travel to New Orleans one day 'when I grow up'!!

thewildtwo @ gmail [dot] com

chelea_girl said...

My husband has always wanted to go to New Orleans. I never thought I'd want to visit, but you might have made me change my mind!


*yadkny* said...

I have every intention of going to New Orleans someday and this definitely helps make the decision of what time of the year I should go there. Thanks!


ladydi6497 said...

I would love to visit all of these places that you have mentioned. I love anything to do with ghosts, spirits, or paranormal.



Lil said...

You have quite a list for any tourist to be thrilled with aside from the spooky things to do. Would love to visit New Orleans some day.

joder said...

I would love to visit New Orleans! From the food to the music, it constantly feels like one big party. It's so exotic and the stories add to the mystery of the city. I wish my town was even half as exciting.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com


I never been there but would love to go.


annalisa said...

New Orleans sounds like a fascinating place to visit! :)


Rae M. said...

Everybody always speaks about New Orleans with such love and excitement. I would love to visit. Hopefully one day!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Annie Nicholas said...

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