Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not Enough Time in the Day

Do you ever just want to write? I mean, like seriously tell the world to screw off just so you can write?

Well, that’s where I’ve been for the last month but commitments have kept me from that goal more often than not. First, there were set upon set of edits to complete. Keep this in mind, writers, that if you submit a wad of books and they all get accepted, you’ll have a wad of edits coming back at you all at the same time—while you’re trying to do other things.

Then there’s this stubborn work in progress I’ve been fiddling with. The opening chapter’s still not right, which is just as well because my Muse decided she wanted to write a short, hot piece. Who am I to argue with her?

Next comes the Muse Online Writing Conference. I’d forgotten I agreed to teach a mini-workshop every day this week on writing with humor so I’ve had to come up with posts for each day. Just FYI, it’s still going on so if you get time, drop by. Do a Google search. I’m too tired to come up with a link right now.

I only remembered at 8:15 pm on Tuesday that I had to blog for today. Wen I signed up for Paranormal Romantics, I considered it a job so I don’t often have folks come in and blog for me. It’s my commitment and I need to do it. So, I’m here! I know you’re glad even though sometimes I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel for content. It's all part of the business of writing.

And lastly, there’s my own personal blog plus promotions I’ve been mired in this last month thanks to book releases. All of this pulls me away from writing—not to mention perpetual laundry and housework and dealing with the husband's needs--and don't get me started on the mothership!

Do I ever just want to go hide so I can write? You bet, but I can’t. Being a writer means you have to budget your time with everything else. Prioritize your workload, just as you would do at an office or other job. Do I have time to hang out on online forums and other social networking sites? Nope. Again, I have work to do and writing is work. It’s a job. I give my writing everything I have in order to constantly get better and that means I don’t have time to waste. I usually tell people if you need me, email me because I can’t type in chat programs and on my book at the same time. LOL

So, here I am, watching the Biggest Loser (which is boring this season FYI), writing out this blog post, trying to figure out what I’ll say for this workshop and ready to throw a pillow at my Muse who wants me to work on chapter two.

Question of the day: Does it ever frustrate you when you can’t get in writing time because of everything else? How do you deal with it all?

Have a great day everyone!


Nerine Dorman said...

This is also one of my bugbears. I've found it easier to divide my work into editing/writing cycles. I work on five pages of edits for my obligations as content editor then treat myself to one page of writing. I've found I actually get more done this way than when I didn't edit for my publisher.

Another thing I've learnt is that spending time on my revisions and manuscripts' editing is as important as writing a first draft. Granted, I've got those horrible, itchy fingers because my next WiP is already lined up, but I've devoted myself to my current revisions and because I've made that commitment, I'm really enjoying it.

I do set aside about an hour or so of my time each day for networking and marketing, which is also important.

Sandra Sookoo said...

Nerine, I absolutely spend a ton of time revising and editing my work! I'm a firm believer that you should never, ever sent out a book on that first draft.

Handling the edits in the last month, I found myself doing a set of edits then writing a new chapter on the wip then going back to edits. For whatever reason, I'm more exhausted doing edits than actual writing lol

I do the social networking thing in the morning first thing, pop in briefly mid day then another brief pop over in the evening.

It's all part of it :-)

Anonymous said...

And it's not just about the time for me. As most writers are, I'm an introvert and too much interaction "out there" drains me. I remember when I was single, I'd work all day, come home to my apartment, and not even answer the phone. But as a writer, you can't just lock the world out and write. So I try to make it fun for me when I am "out there" and hope that people get that about me and not just write me off as a fruitcake. lol!

Sandra Sookoo said...

So true Kathy. I'd hardly call you a fruitcake LOL Sometimes I get worn out in a chat room where there are like 20 or so people. Twitter's okay because I can just close the window when I need a break. It's just difficult on an author's time having to play every department of the "business".

Kristabel Reed said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto! I remember having time. I do. It's a distant memory, but it's there, teasing me from the past.

I haven't had real writing time in weeks. Too much to juggle, not enough coordination to do it properly. And I suck at keeping up with this whole online thing! How do people do it?

Sandra Sookoo said...

Kristabel--I know. Time is more valuable right now than gold, I think lol

I think you just have to prioritize very well and learn to let the small stuff go. And the big one? Learn how to say no. This was a tough one for me to learn this year but I'm finding myself handing it out more often.

Annie Nicholas said...

Well, I appreciate your efforts, Sandi. :D

I'd love to spend a whole day writing. I would consider it a vacation. LOL My bugbear, as Nerine named it, is being told I'm on the computer too much.

Hello *waves* I'm trying to start a new career here. These books don't write themselves.