Saturday, October 30, 2010

October by Sandra Sookoo

There’s just something about the end of October that I really love.  The temperatures are cool, sunset happens earlier and there’s a “feel” in the air that whispers of all things mysterious and spooky.  No, I’m not a big fan of going to haunted houses to be scared but I do love seeing all the Jack-O-Lantern’s at all the houses, the crisp crackle of leaves beneath my feet, the woodsy, oak-scent of wood burning stoves or the tang of sweet, warm cider on my tongue.  This is the time of year I like best and the time of year that lends itself to storytelling around a fire or with a flashlight in hand.  Storytelling’s in my blood and who doesn’t like a creepy, tingling ghost story that gets the blood pumping and the heart racing?  And if there’s a happy ending, all the better!

I hope you enjoy the rest of this Halloween weekend and all the offerings everyone has planned.  Before you go, read the blurb for my newest Halloween story HUNTER’S MOON MAGIC:

Judith Goode, wrongly accused of witchcraft during the trials in 1600 Massachusetts, casts a spell on the black velvet dress she intended to wear for her lover’s return.  If she can’t realize true love then she wants to ensure that any woman who wears the dress will but fate has other plans.

Even though Judith is now in ghost form, her quest to unite her soul with her lover’s burns strong.  The enchanted dress has survived for two hundred years and is now in the hands of Carolina Cox who wears it to a masquerade where she meets Paul Brown.  Love blooms and is realized yet life’s problems prevent a perfect match.

Disheartened through the years, Judith gives the attempt one last time in modern day Indianapolis by putting the dress in the hands of Jacob Howson, one of her last living ancestors.  He’s a computer programmer looking for love and finds it by literally running into Lexy Brown at a dry cleaner. 

Sometimes the love worth waiting for can be found under the light of a Hunter’s Moon.

You can purchase this book at Liquid Silver Books:

Now for my giveaway (this post only).  To one lucky commenter, I’ll give a $10.00 gift card to either Amazon or Starbucks (winner’s choice).  All you have to do is tell me the name of my Halloween story from last year.  Feel free to browse my website to look for the answer. 


elaing8 said...

my guess is
The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart

Jean P said...

I think it is The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Rae M. said...

It was the Haunting of Amelia Pritchart.


Maria said...

Last year's Halloween book was:

The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart


Judy said...

I would say The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart.

Great post!! I love October also!!


Virginia C said...

Hi, Sandra! I wish you a safe and Happy Halloween--all treats and no tricks : )

Your Halloween post from 2009 featured your story "The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart".

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Cathy M said...

The story was The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart.

Happy Halloween Sandra

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Amy S. said...

The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart

Linda Henderson said...

I believe it was The Haunting Of Amelia Pritchart.

seriousreader at live dot com

Jessica Subject said...

Your Halloween story from last year was 'The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart'.


Jennifer Mathis said...

Haunting of Amelia Pritchart

Kim S. said...

Happy Halloween everyone!

Great post Sandra! I look forward to reading Hunter's Moon Magic!! And last year's Halloween story was The Haunting Of Amelia Pritchart.

thewildtwo @ gmail [dot] com

annalisa said...

The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart was the title of last year's Halloween story.


sonya said...

The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart


chelea_girl said...

It was The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart.


*yadkny* said...

Hi Sandra!
All of your favorite things about this time of the year is my favorites too:) Congrats on your newest release... I'm hearing lots of good things about it.


*yadkny* said...

Forgot to add my guess answer to your question...

The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart

Stacy said...

Nice blog, Hunter's Moon Magic sounds like a great read, I love stories of witches, especially when they bring in a bit of history or legend. Your Halloween story from last year was "The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart"

Leatherdykeuk said...

The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart


Carlie Angelus said...

Okay, this is not my guess for the prize but I just had to say that the title "Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines" has me laughing my bootie off! LOL

I guess I'll say "The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart" since you've described it a halloween themed book but I see that it didn't come out until November 2009 after Halloween! That's tricky!


ladydi6497 said...



Lil said...

The Haunting of Amelia Pritchard

little lamb lst at yahoo dot cam

joder said...

By reading your blog posts, I want to say the answer is The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Jeanette J said...

The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart

Sandra Sookoo said...

Thanks everyone for playing. Winner will be announced tomorrow.

Rae M. said...

Realized I didn't put up my email! So here it is again.

It was the Haunting of Amelia Pritchart.

Thanks again! And Happy Halloween.


Victoria said...

I know you have prob already picked the winners, but wanted to comment anyway. I love this time of year because it cools off enough to open the windows and curle up under the covers with a good book and a hot cup of tea. No, I am not just saying that. I t is one of my fav way of spending the evening (and night when I find a good enough book that I skip sleep to find out what happens to the characters)!

Beth said...

Answer--The Haunting of Amelia Pritchart

Annie Nicholas said...

contest is closed