Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scared so good? ~ What does it mean to you? By Sherri Desbois

That moment when the roller coaster car finally reaches the peak and hovers for just a second before it plunges over. The way my heart beats nearly out of my chest, that split second where I can’t breathe and I question myself. What the hell was I thinking? Let me off NOW! The thrill after stepping off the coaster, knowing I’ve done it. I beat my fear.
Darkness with only the illumination from the T.V. screen as scary music plays. I know something is going to happen from the way the music has intensified, the moment suspended, my afghan at the ready. The, HOLY JESUS, moment as the back speakers kick in, as a bird hits the peaceful window on the screen in front of me. I’m not sure whether to cover my head or run like hell. The chuckle that escapes my lips when the credits roll, it wasn’t that scary. Well, okay it was but I’m not telling my children how scared I was. I survived, and with dry pants, no less. Yeah me!

The way my fingers shake, mouth suddenly as dry as the desert, when I see a letter, sitting in my email box. A letter from a publisher, that I’ve sent my very first novel too. I’ve only sent the book out for an opinion. Never was anyone ever going to want it. I’m not an author. I’m just someone that wrote a book for a challenge for me, I’m a history major for goodness sakes. Still my heart starts pounding in my chest. The last rejection letter was really nice, but still a rejection. My pulse quickens as I move the mouse closer to the email. Please let them at least be nice about the rejection, instead of saying. Don’t quit your day job, you suck. I can almost feel the clank of the rollercoaster car against the tracks as it takes me up the steep hill. I wish I had my afghan with me, as I hear the music in my head start to intensify.
Deep breathe Sherri.

Thank you for sending HALF HEARTS to us for review.  We really liked the story, moreso than we thought we would, and would like to offer you a contract to publish it.

God I love being scared so good.

What does being scared so good mean to you…….Tell me your scared so good story and the best will win a yummy pumpkin spice bath and body gift set.

Happy Halloween.


Sherri Desbois is a soon to be published author with Liquid Silver Books. Her first novel Half Hearts is the story of heartbreak, abuse and overcoming the past. When a terrifying figure from the past steps into their fragile romance, will their love be enough to overcome the horror about to be leashed upon them or will it leave them all with only half hearts. You can find out more about Sherri at her website:
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Amy S. said...

My niece was watching one of those videos where it ends up popping a scary image on the screen and screaming at you. It scared her to death. She screamed. I wish I had the camera on her. lol. And best part, she did it herself. No one put it on there for her to watch. lol

Linda Henderson said...

I think being scared so good to me would be my oldest daughter having her baby at 23 weeks and we were all scared to death and were told to expect the worst. She came out fighting and spent 4 months in the NICU then came home. I think that's my biggest scared so good.

seriousreader at live dot com

joder said...

I enjoy that heart pounding feeling of not knowing what's going to happen next. I like those few moments of not having any cares in the world and just watching and waiting.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Maria said...

my best scared so good moment came during a movie - I was at the theatre with some friends and we were watching "Jagged Edge" and during one scene in the movie when the masked man puts his hand through the glass in the door and comes into the house...I jumped up and screamed...had completely forgotten it was just a movie, that my friends were there and that it was a packed place...I was so embarrased when everyone started to laugh.....


Judy said...

I would have to say when my husband went into the hospital and they told us he had to have a 5 artery bypass right then!! Well, he came through it with flying colors and healed so fast.


Lil said...

After about a decade and a half as a stay at home mom, I interviewed for a job. It was just at the beginning of the recession where we noticed that my husband was having trouble finding work. They hired me and I ended up supporting the family on my own for over a year.

little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

Sherri Desbois said...

Amy that's too funny! We do that all the time My mother, my daughter and I all pop in a scary movie and each of us have afghans ready to cover our eyes during the scary parts. Thanks for posting

Happy Halloween

Sherri Desbois said...

Oh God Linda, I know exactly how that feels. I should have added that to my blog. I was in labor off and on for 20 weeks and my daughter came 8 weeks early. The most amazing scared so good. She is now an amazing 15 year old. Thank you for sharing your story.

Happy Halloween

Sherri Desbois said...

Joder, sounds like your a thrill seeker. I agree that it's a great rush to watch and let things happen, especially when everything turns out great and your left with that tingly feeling.

Thanks for your post.
Happy Halloween

Jennifer Mathis said...

mine was when I was pregnate with my 2nd child which at the time the dr thought was twins. Right before I went into labor they could suddenly only hear one heartbeat and they thought a baby had died. Turned out I was only carring one and they kept hearing an weird echo

Sherri Desbois said...


To funny! My good friend and I have this thing. We always ask if the other is packing before we go out. It's seems that every time we get together we laugh so hard we nearly pee our pants. I of course remind her of the time she actually did. LOL

Happy Halloween

Sherri Desbois said...


Oh wow, that had to be scary as hell? I'm so glad everything turned out well for you and your husband.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your post.

Happy Halloween

Sherri Desbois said...


Wow you have to be so proud of yourself. How scary for you and your family. Glad you were scared so good! :) and you got a happy ending.

Happy Halloween

Sherri Desbois said...


Thank you for sharing your story. I love it when a scary event in your life turns out to be a blessing. I'm such a sap for a happy ever after story. I am glad you got yours.
Thanks for leaving your comment.

Happy Halloween

*yadkny* said...

Hi Sherri!
At least your scared so good moment came out on the good side for you and your book:) I think my moment came when I was trying to get hired for the job I have now. This was the make or break moment for me and although I shouldn't have I kinda put all of my eggs in this one basket:) I was at a time in my left where if I didn't land this, things were going to drastically change and not in a good way. Right after I interviewed and they told me that they would call to let me know (I thought that's it I'm done for), they called a couple of hours later to ask if I would go take a drug test right now and then start orientation on monday. I was so baffled I'm sure I wasn't making much sense at that point, but as it turns out my interview with them went extremely well and they just didn't feel as strongly about the other candidates, so why wait to tell me or the others?


elaing8 said...

I hate being scared in anyway.Bad or good.
When I just finished high school I applied for this job. A lot of people did. I really wanted it. like nothing before,I thought I did ok in the interview. But I was confident in myself..I shaking in my a few days I got the call,at first i thought it was to say no I didnt get it.My heart was pounding,then they sadi congrats youg ot it. I was so relieved.

Carlie Angelus said...

Being scared to me is really all about anything that means "loss of control". Not a big fan of going under the knife (as in surgery). Have you seen that movie Awake where they are awake during surgery. Heebie Jeebies!


Kim S. said...

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wow, Sherri, a HUGE congrats on you first release! How cool for you! And half hearts looks good, can't wait to read it!

At the time I would have said that when my daughter was born, 20 years ago, thinking she had menengitis and having to stay in the hospital a week(without me!! :() would have been it. But then 17 years ago, my son was born and the day he came home was the coldest day in Michigan history, he had trouble breathing and had to go back out to the doctors. Then when he was three months old, he got a cold and ended up spending three days in the hospital in a croup tent/oxygen crib because they thought he had Croup. He made it home the night before Easter. Both are fine and doing well now!

thewildtwo @ gmail [dot] com

Annie Nicholas said...

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