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Unleashing His Roar by @MeganSlayer ~ A Sanctuary Tale #contemporary #paranormal #mmromance #lionshifter

Since I'm away from my desk, I thought I'd spotlight my latest release, Unleashing His Roar. I'm very fond of this series and can't wait to get back to their world. Once I get a few more projects done, then it's back to Sanctuary. Until then, here's a little bit about the book. Enjoy!!

Unleashing His Roar  
Sanctuary, Book 7Megan SlayerM/M, Anal Sex, MasturbationParanormal, Contemporary, Lion Shifters/Panther ShiftersFrom Resplendence PublishingCover art by Kris Norris** An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller!**
Wanted: a shifter. Must be caring, understanding, open-minded and looking for a shifter in return.Zeus knew from the beginning he was different. Where the other lion shifters had paired up, he was still single. All he wants is a partner and finds a dating app on his phone. Will the app lead him to the man of his dreams or to a disaster just waiting to happen?Justin isn’t where he wants to be. He knows shifters aren’t supposed to work for the humans, but due to a circumstance that spiraled out of his control…he’s in over his head. He wants out and when he spies Zeus on the dating app, he’s willing to risk everything to get to the lion shifter. He believes Zeus might be the one to help him move beyond his past and unleash his roar.
Will the panther and lion find each other or will Justin’s past keep them apart?

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EXCERPT:©Megan Slayer, 2016, All Rights Reserved
His phone beeped and vibrated in his hand. He tensed at the sound. The noise came back. He should look at the screen. Should. His heart hammered, and the lion clawed at him from within. He turned his attention from the big cat to the phone. A gigantic arrow with Justin’s photo in it bounced back and forth on the screen. He touched the arrow and held his breath. Justin had replied.
Hi. Saw you, too. I’d like to talk. Tell me about you.
Holy shit. Excitement rippled through him. The lion stood at attention within him, equally thrilled. Zeus blew out the breath he’d held. What should he say? He didn’t want to sound silly.
I’m thirty-three. Single. I work @ a shelter. He paused. What else should he add? I’m looking for love.
He hit send before he could delete the words he’d typed. He probably sounded ridiculous. When Justin replied, Zeus yelped. He glanced over at Joe, who didn’t seem to have noticed.
Love, huh? Are you a romantic?
A romantic? More like a horny bastard who wanted sex that might become love. He drummed his fingers on the desk. Answering would be smart.
Justin replied first. Oh. You’re unsure? I’m a romantic. There’s someone out there for everyone, and I’m looking for my someone.
Damn. Justin was a romantic or, at least, came across that way. Maybe, the sweetness was a little much, but oh well. He’d never know if he didn’t try. Want to meet? You sound like my kind of guy.

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