Saturday, February 25, 2017

Claimed and Tamed and a New Release

by Nancy Gideon

In this waning month of romance, my thoughts turned to how differently we present love and relationships in our paranormal worlds than in the traditional romance. Our characters don’t just exchange verbal vows that can be broken. In many cases, they form a lifelong connection to one another. In my “Touched by Midnight” vampire series and in my “By Moonlight” and new “House of Terriot” shape-shifter series, whether it’s a rather pointed kiss or a lusty mating, it’s forever. And that’s a long time. It really is ‘til death us do part (and even that, is negotiable!).

In the primitive animal kingdom, many species form a bond that pairs them together for the lifetime of their mate. They’re protective of and loyal to each other. And isn’t that what we aspire to when we say our “I do's?" In my preternatural worlds, the pairing bond goes beyond just the physical connection. There’s a psychic connection as well that enhances the union. Sharing each other’s thoughts, emotions and awareness of one another on a metaphysical plane heightens the link between a mated pair and does incendiary things to the heat level of their attraction. With stakes that high, it isn’t a step taken lightly, as my hero Colin Terriot discovers in PRINCE OF POWER in this excerpt:


That word whispered with possibility. Look at Sylvia and his brother, Row. Together. Blissfully content. Forever. That could be him and Mia.

He’d never thought of it. Had never thought he’d be ready to close the revolving door leading to his bedroom to settle down with one female. He hadn’t been looking or even thinking in that direction when Mia Guedry burst into his life and held his heart hostage.

She was right.  Everything about them was wrong. Except how well they fit together, even when sex wasn’t in the picture. He’d never expected that, to just enjoy the presence of another without the main purpose that rush into the sheets. She challenged him, made him mad, made him think, made him crazy with longing as well as lust. Her smile melted him like a snow cone on a French Quarter summer sidewalk. He admired her independence, her loyalty to her people, her fierce protection of them. What a perfect mate she’d be, strong enough to weather his moods, fiery enough to satisfy his desires, brave enough to brace their differences, tender enough to bear his young.

His steps faltered under the enormity of his decision.

It was no longer just a dream, a hope.

It was his battle plan.
Nothing says “I love you” like knowing that having that other person forever will cost you everything, which is the heartbeat of PRINCE OF POWER, Book Two in my “House of Terriot” series, a New Release on Monday, February 27!

Obsessed with an enemy - the only female to ever walk away from him . . .

Colin . . . Prince in the House of Terriot

Brawny, cynical negotiator for his clan, Colin Terriot sees a move to New Orleans as an escape from a painful past and his reputation as a legendary lover. What he didn't expect was to fall hard for a rival spy, the female who tricked and betrayed him by leaving his bed for his brother's. Now, he now must work with her, up close and personal, as the envoy for her clan. Things are about to heat up.

Determined to have him - even if having him means losing all . . .

Mia . . . Strong-willed Guedry heir

Denied her rightful legacy, Mia Guedry plans to stake her claim over the bodies of those who killed her family. But best laid plans fall before her desire for the one male she can't resist, the one who will never trust her once burned by her necessary deceptions. Saving her Terriot prince from plans already in motion may cost more than her inheritance . . . the price could be her life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Get ready for fifty shades of tall, dark and deliciously dangerous with Colin Terriot, the hottest shifter yet! Five Stars!” – Book Bling

“Hold onto your heart (& your panties, ladies!) . . . the Terriot princes are back! Things are heating up in New Orleans in this powerful story of obsession, betrayal and revenge. Intricately woven plot lines and complex characters carry PRINCE OF POWER to a block buster revelation in another Page Burning Must Read! Five Hearts!” – Cross My Heart Reviews

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I don’t know about you, but that extra layer and level of intimacy is what drew me to paranormal romances in the first place, whether the link is eternal and just lifelong. That ‘more and beyond’ is what gives our books their appeal. Higher stakes and greater rewards. That’s what it’s all about.

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CJ Burright said...

Ooh - loved that excerpt! Congrats on the new release. :)

Nancy Gideon said...

Thanks, C.J.!!

Diane Burton said...

Despite the fact that the "month of love" is winding down, romance isn't, as evidenced by your new release, Nancy. Some love is quiet and calm. In reality, most of us like that. What a boring novel, though. There's nothing quiet and calm about your books. Love how you throw the lovers together, yank them apart, then bring them together forever. Congrats on your new release.

Nancy Gideon said...

Thanks, Di! LOL, my couples are always on their toes, that's for sure. Never a dull moment.