Monday, February 6, 2017

Superbowl hang over.

For those of you who watch the game and imbibe a little---or a lot. Yep that's me. No matter what team you were routing for yesterday you should be happy. It was a great game. So close it kept me on the edge of my seat most of the time. I thought Luke Bryan did a good job on the National Anthem. What did you think of Lady Gaga's half time performance?
Anyway because of the superbowl I don't have much to write about. It's hard to think of much when there is some a-hole using a jackhammer in you head. Lol

I do have a new book coming out the 17th of February. It is called Primal Lust. This story is contemporary and about three people surviving in a Brazilian jungle after their plane crashes. As usual in most of my books this one is erotic romance with descriptive sex scenes. 

Excerpt from Primal Lust

Rebecca jolted awake at the crash of thunder. She peered out the window beside her and saw the sky surrounding them was dark, but frequent flashes of lightning dispelled the gloom. Unlike the major carriers, this small plane, she thought of them as tree-top airlines, was unable to climb above the storm. Instead, they were forced to fly around them, or fly through the thick of storms. Obviously, they were flying through the thick of this one. The air became turbulent and the pilot advised them to fasten their seatbelts. Casting a glance at Bret showed her that somehow, he was smiling as he slept through this.
The plane skidded sideways, then her stomach jumped to her throat as the floor abruptly dropped away like a runaway elevator. The nose of the plane rose as it struggled to regain altitude. Another crash of thunder split the air. The interior of the plane was illuminated brightly followed by a roar that deafened her.
Rebecca stole a glance out her window and along the wing. To her dismay, she saw smoke erupt from the engine there. The propeller came to a halt and the nose dipped down. The interior lights winked out, plunging them into darkness.
Distantly, Bret exclaimed, "Holy shit!"
Rebecca gripped the armrests white knuckled while the craft continued to plunge toward the ground.
"Brace yourself, Rebecca. We're going down!" he shouted.
She grabbed the pillow wedged in her seat, placed it in her lap, and planted her face in it. Wood snapped in the distance. The plane skewed sideways and something flew out of the darkness to strike the back of her head. After that she didn't hear or feel anything.
The craft struck the treetops and one branch, thicker than the rest, hit the right wing, shearing it away. The plane pitched to the right and another branch sheared away the left wing. The fuselage plunged deeper into the trees, and the nose buried into the ground, causing the passenger cabin to surge upward. Tree trunks snapped and tumbled away. In the process the passenger cabin broke apart, spewing people and interior contents into the jungle growth.
Rebecca became aware with a start. She couldn't breathe because her face was pressed into something thick and soggy. Instinct kicked in. She pressed her hands forward, and at the same time, rolled to one side. Spitting mud from her mouth allowed her to inhale and take in a welcome breath of air.
For a moment, she lay still as she slowly came to grips that she was still strapped into her seat, she was no longer moving, nor was she in the plane. It was still daytime, although the light around was the same as in twilight, so she reasoned she hadn't been blacked out very long. Torrential rain poured down on her as if she was standing in a shower.
I'm on the ground and I'm alive.
She performed a quick reconnoiter. None of her limbs were broken. Unbuckling her seatbelt, she rolled away from the seat and stood on shaky legs. Rebecca quickly examined herself. She had multiple cuts and scrapes. She brushed her hand through her sodden hair and felt something sticky. Just before the heavy downpour washed it away, she saw her hand was red with blood.
Head wound. They always bleed heavily, so hopefully it isn't real bad. Okay I'll live, but did anyone else survive?
She cast around in the thick foliage searching for others. The first two passengers she found were dead. Turning over a seat, she saw Bret. While she was searching him for a pulse, he inhaled sharply. "Thank God, you're alive," she shouted to be heard above another roar of thunder.
Bret unfastened his seatbelt and stood. Rebecca quickly examined him. Like her, he had many cuts and scrapes, but otherwise appeared to be intact.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"I'm alive, and I'm not alone anymore, so yes, I'm okay for now. Unless you need me to treat one of your wounds right away, help me locate the others if you feel up to it."
"I'm okay and will do."
They separated and searched. Each time they located one of their fellow passengers, they called out to each other. The news was grim. Including them, all but one were soon accounted for, except for them, all were dead.
Rebecca stumbled across the final passenger, a man. He was alive, but one of his arms was twisted to a wrong angle. While she examined him, he opened his eyes, but they darted to each side and appeared unfocused, leading her to believe he was disoriented.
"What are you doing?" he asked, then groaned.
"What's your name? I'm Rebecca. I was one of your fellow passengers on the plane. We crashed. I'm a doctor and I'm checking you for injuries. It appears you have a broken arm along with a number of other less critical injuries."
"My name is Rubo and get away from me. I need a real doctor, not some fucking woman pretending to be one."
Rebecca stepped back, aghast. "I am a real doctor," she said.
"Women aren't real doctors. That is a man's occupation."
Instant anger seethed in Rebecca, and for a moment, overwhelmed her normal doctor compassion. "What the hell, Rubo? Have you been living under a rock? There's a lot of female doctors and this one is trying to help you." She waved her hands, indicating their surroundings. "In case you haven’t noticed, there isn't a large selection of doctors to choose from in our location. Now you can either allow me to try to help you, or you can lie out here in fucking misery. I don't care because there are others who need my help, too, and they aren't bitchin about it."
Rubo didn't answer her tongue lashing right away and she turned to leave.

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J Hali Steele said...

I heard Lady Gaga's halftime performance was great so I'm hoping to watch it on my day off tomorrow. But... don't think I've watched more than 4-5 football games my whole life. I'd rather read. Liked your video - what a great way to showcase your works!

Diane Burton said...

I agree with J. Hali, what a great video! Usually, Hubs watches the Super Bowl and I watch the commercials. We're at our son's house & DIL's family came over for the game. Son grilled ribs and we had way too much to eat. I was so bummed before half-time at the lopsided score, I took Toddler Girl upstairs to play. I missed the half-time show. It sounded good though. Missed most of the commercials so I'll have to find them on the Net. The end of the game was so tense. I couldn't see how the Patriots would pull it off. OMG. It took 3/4 of the game for them to wake up.