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When we look into our writer’s tool box, we hoard all sorts of plans, prompts, gadgets and lists to make us more productive, our stories more organized, and our characters tow the line. But have you looked beyond these everyday helps for a more . . . ethereal answer?

I’ve posted about Tarot before, both as a component of one of my books and as a tool to creativity i.e. Arwen Lynch’s MAPPING THE HERO’S JOURNEY WITH TAROT: 33 Days to Finish You Book (highly recommended!). Lately, I’ve been using it more for intuitive development as well as my own existential vacay from the grimness of the daily news, especially after a November trip to New Orleans where I had palm, tea, numerology and card readings at Bottom of the Cup and Earth Odyssey (my go-to places to visit there!) that were eerily spot on. Suggestion: If you ever have this done (and if you visit NOLA make sure you do!), take a picture of your card spread or ask if you can record the reading on your phone so you can remember/look up the significance later. Most readers will allow it.

I’m just a dabbler, but I am a believer in things beyond coincidence. For example, while adding a scene during final edits to my soon to be released RISE BY MOONLIGHT, my quirky card reading character Ophelia casts a three card spread on her current situation that is eerily prophetic (considering I know what’s going to happen but had no control over the chosen cards!). Using my very cool Game of Thrones deck, her Past is The Sun: protection, sanctuary, positive relationship growth, family, and children. Her Present is the Eight of Swords: restriction, obligation, conformity, relationship road block. Her Future is the Seven of Swords: vigilance, mistrust, protect home and guard what’s yours. Considering the scenes are already written by yours truly, Phe’s cards are right on the money for meeting the man of her dreams who comes with a pack of young brothers and sisters whom she helps rescue using her family fortune (Past), that her father’s treachery has them in hiding, forcing her to choose between relationships old and new (Present), and finally, circumstances bring an invader into their home, threatening their safety and bringing them under the protection of those they can trust (Future). Thank you, cosmos for supporting my plotline!

Since my first forbidden purchase of the book Tarot Revealed when I was a young teen, I’ve collected dozens of favorite decks, each one unique in their art and take on the various cards. I’ve kept these because of the ‘feel’ they give me. I still rely of their printed guides for interpretation but am learning how to become more intuitive. I keep a journal of Spreads listing deck, question, spread and interpretation, and the percentage of accuracy is amazingly high. It’s not fortune telling but rather a guide for deeper understanding of self and situation. I love scrolling through my Pinterest pin suggestions and printing up interesting or helpful spreads to focus future casts and invite you to take a peek at my page. Each deck is different. Though connected to the same universal symbolism, they vary widely in their art and interpretations, some very dark, some light and fun, so research what you’re looking for. Make sure all 78 cards have unique graphics and not just the major arcana (face cards). That’s why I suggest Pinterest so you can see inside the deck and get a review. I won’t buy a sealed deck unless I’ve seen a sample after getting burned by several with meaningless interpretations or just plain ugly art. Tarot is the whole experience: visual, symbolic and spiritual. Half the fun is finding a set that “speaks” to you. Here’s a post that features some of what’s out there: My personal favorite decks are The Gilded Tarot (gorgeous and traditional), Games of Thrones (dark tie-in with show) and Steampunk (female-oriented and positive). The most disappointing was the very expensive Vampire deck. BTW, Oracle cards are NOT Tarot cards. The above post explains the difference.

Whether seeking a deeper focus on self or character, add Tarot to your paranormal tool box to assist you in exploring and deepening your development of plot or use it as a part of your plot, itself.

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Maureen said...

I'm not familiar with Tarot readings- what a fascinating subject!

Diane Burton said...

I am fascinated by tarot. I got a deck years ago after one of our chapter meetings. Nancy, you brought a reader to one of our meetings last year via Skype (I think). This is a very interesting field of study. I hope you share more.

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Well you know I loved this post! You owe me a reading too!