Sunday, June 20, 2021

KISS App - A New Way to Read

 Have y'all seen the KISS app yet?

This is an app you download to your phone that serializes fiction. It works both for what we think of as serialized stories like on Wattpad. But they also take books fully complete and published and break them down (by chapter usually) to serialize them. Reader then purchase coins they can use to read a little at a time. Basically, you pay for what you read.

There's a great line up of books already on the app, and they're adding more daily. I got lucky that my publisher has arranged for my books to be included, and a few are already up. So of course, I had to go check it out.

I may, or may not, have gotten sucked into another author's story and read it all night. LOL. So it's definitely addictive. I've also found it very handy for reading in the car when waiting to pick up kids from activities and so forth.

Anyway...give KISS a look see. While you're at it, maybe try out one of mine!



Diane Burton said...

Very interesting. Another way to get books into readers' hands.

Maureen said...

So cool that there are so many ways to read a story. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica E. Subject said...

This is a neat idea! Webtoons works a lot the same way. Chapters are released each week, but you can pay to read ahead. All the best with this endeavor!

Marilyn Barr said...

I had never heard of this. Thank you for teaching me something new. It is fascinating how the way we read is evolving. Paying by the page will give the reader comfort when trying new authors. I love this concept.

Nightingale said...

This is the first I've heard of KISs. I'll check it out now, and your books along with it!