Monday, October 4, 2010


The pitter patter of rain drops grew louder and heavier on the canopy over her head as she read the story on her Nook. So engrossed in the vampire’s story, she didn’t realize the rain shower had turned into a storm until the hair on the back of her neck rose. Something was wrong but what? Taking a quick scan of the area, she saw the canopy had filled with water and the gazebo was in danger of collapsing on her head. With leap, she raced to undo the ties and allow the trapped water to escape. It was a close call but had warned of the hazard?
This little story is about me. What causes a person to hesitate before crossing a street and just misses getting hit by a car? It’s difficult to understand intuition. Some people can sense it better than others. My husband’s in much stronger than mine. He’s saved our lives a few times with it, like spiderman with his spidey sense.
What has triggered your intuition?

I've launched a new website this weekend. Come check it out. Be warned! Hidden in the knots of wood are some hidden surprises.

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