Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can you survive a trip through the Veil? by T.J.Killian

Hi all,
I’m the author who goes by the handle T.J., and I pulled on my Irish roots to bring about a series of time travel stories meant to bring both a great romance and history to life.

The Veil was important to the ancient Celts. It was the mystical curtain that separated here and now from the next life or, in the case of my series, the past.

When I originally sat down to write the first story in this series, I didn’t know what to expect. Maybe I’d come up with a tale that I’d love—maybe not. What I originally penned took on a life of its own.

Master and Commander’s Prey is a testament to what could happen when you mix a modern heroine with an alpha hero from days gone by.

There is only one law in his world...his.

Shiloh Montgomery-Moore is the queen of hiding in the shadows. This penchant is an avoidance dance meant to stave off her father’s fists and her mother’s barbs. Hot tempered, distrusting, Shiloh is determined to forge her own path in the world. Little does she know, that the path leads her to the strange anomaly know as The Veil. Whisked back in time, she finds out danger lurks everywhere and nothing can save her from a bleak future except a man of war, a master and commander.

Captain of the H.M.S. Predator, Jacob Christopher Wolfson, has his official orders–capture the French war vessel, The Bordeaux. It isn’t in his strategy to be chained to a ‘supposed’ time traveler. Immediately attracted to the mystery woman found aboard his ship, Jacob has but one chance to save his sanity and his mission; he’ll take Shiloh Montgomery-Moore to his bed or wherever the opportunity presents itself.

I took a chance and in the next story, The Storm’s Prey, I sent a modern day alpha back in time. That was a hoot.

Robinson Crusoe never faced anything like this.

Forced by vile accusations to flee England for her family's sugar plantation in Jamaica, Lady Catherine Wolfson expects a smooth trip until her life is threatened by an Atlantic gale. Saved from drowning in the storm tossed seas by Zibgniew Krushenski, a man from the future, her eyes are opened to the world of basic survival and the deep, driving riptide of intimacy.
Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time. I hope you’ll visit my website or Eirelander Publishing for more tidbits on these two stories.

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Sandra Sookoo said...

Rock on, girl. Can't wait to read them. Best wishes :-)

Annie Nicholas said...

Love this tagline. 'There is only one law in his world...his.' Gotta love those alpha males.

Debby said...

Hmm I have not read too many time travels but these look very interesting.

debby236 @

Judy said...

Your books look like very interesting reads. I like stories related to time travel. When the movie Somewhere in Time came out, I watched it daily. Time travel just fascinates me.

TJ said...

Thanks for all the great comments. My special thanks to Paranormal Romantics and Annie.

Virginia C said...

I love it! T.J., you are really creating interesting romantic conflicts for your characters! You'll wake us all up and make us want to read more, more, more!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Unknown said...

Wow those sound like great books.

Brenda Hyde said...

Wow, I love this concept! Now, I have to add your books to my TBR list:)

Jaxxy said...

I don't usually go for time travel, but these sound really good. Maybe I'll give 'em a try sometime.

Mitz said...

These look great, I love time travel. Thanks for the great summaries now I have something new for my WL. Both of these sound like great reads...

Stephanie Julian said...

I love stories based on different mythologies, this looks great.

Mindy said...

Happy Halloween TJ,
LOVE the blurbs for your books & can't wait to read them.

Mindy V-V

Carol L. said...

I love these two stories TJ.
I love anything Scottish or Irish. I have to definitely put them on my to read list. Thank you.
Carol L.

Sandy said...


The Master and Commander is a great read. I never read time travels until I read yours. The mixture of history and time is very intriguing.

April Ash said...

Time travel tales are the best. Each of your sounds great and having a man as the traveler in one and a woman in the other gives two sides of beings "out" of their own time!

Rae Lori said...

Can't wait to grab my copies either! :-D

Unknown said...

Hi Tethys :)
Thanks for sharing.
I love a good time travel story.
All the best,
PS - Are you on Twitter?