Saturday, October 31, 2009

Interview with the Komar Brothers by Crista Paige

The following is my Paranormal Romantics Halloween Blog. Pay attention to the costume clues for Traian and Mikhail. At the end, if you think you can determine what they are dressed up as, then leave me a comment and be entered into my contest.
Without further ado…

What does a vampire wear as a costume for Halloween? I spent some time thinking about this issue and after a little bit of consideration, I realized I must go to the source for an authentic answer. Since I have a whole community of ‘fanged’ people to interview, I turned to the youngest Komar brothers of the Kan Asma people from my Blood-Vine series. They eagerly agreed to help me with the answer.

There is a famous sandwich shop on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles where Traian and his brother, Mikhail, offered to meet with me. During the lunch hour rush, Attari’s is a busy Persian café but due to the males’ sun sensitivity, we agreed to meet later in the evening, just before closing time. Parking is a total headache, no matter what time of day and as I was searching for an empty space, I almost wished I had vampire traits, like teleporting.
After swiping my credit card in the parking meter and selecting the maximum amount of time, I meandered down the uneven pavement following the heavenly scent of spices. Once inside the cozy, bright eatery, I immediately noticed my interviewees. I couldn’t stop my laugh as I took in the costumes they had donned. Earlier, they asked what I would like to eat and they had stuck to their promise of ordering me something. On the table sat a tall cup of coffee and an assortment of pastries. Yum!

Sliding into a booth opposite of them, I had to ask, “How long did it take for you guys to put all that together?”
One side of Mikhail’s mouth quirked up and showed a tiny glimpse of a sharp fang. “We live in West Hollywood. All the fetish shops are well stocked. Trust me it took five minutes to select and make a purchase.”

Black and gray paint was expertly applied to his handsome face and I couldn’t stop my curiosity. “Did you do the make-up yourself?”

Traian slapped his brother on the back and snickered, “No way in hell he put it on himself. Mik couldn’t discern between rouge and lip balm to save his own life. Our sister-in-law, Katiya did it. You should see what magic she wielded to dress Luke up with.”

I turned to look at Tray more fully. Nibbling on a sweet-roll, I inspected the outfit. His costume detracted from his typical dangerous air. The colors of burnished orange and shiny yellow lines set off the black stripes; it accented his long wavy hair. The thick strands were tousled and I realized the messy look was deliberate. Only one strap of the costume draped over his shoulder, leaving the other bare. When he moved, the corded muscle in his arm bunched and flexed. My palm tingled as I considered running my hand over all that masculine strength

“Yeah, well my kardes here seems to have forgotten his props, at least mine were handy,” Mikhail teased. I recognized the humor in his tone even though he switched to speak in Turkish. When he spoke the word ‘brother,’ there was no mistaking that the two were having fun here.

Tray rolled his eyes, “The teeth in you mouth don’t count as a prop, bro.”

Mikhail reached up and ran his hand through his shoulder length dark, black hair. As he did, I noticed the deliberate streaks of gray and brown. It matched the make-up of his face paint really well.
“So, what did Luke go as?” I couldn’t help but to indulge my curiosity.
“A circus lion,” Mikhail answered.

“Kat’s the tamer. She even has a whip,” Tray added with a wicked grin.
“Luke’s pussy-whipped for sure,” Mikhail added in a sullen tone. Perfect time to be sipping my coffee, his rejoinder nearly made me choke on my java.
“You are just jealous,” Tray retorted with a humorous tinge to his voice. “If you want someone to beat your ass, I have a wooden club somewhere that will get the job done.”
I heard flesh connecting with a fist before I actually realized what had transpired. Mikhail had cold cocked his brother.
Tray responded with a playful glare, “You are lucky I don’t bruise too easily Mik. It would ruin my costume.”
“I’ll hit you in the gut next time, make you double over and help with that knuckle dragging bit.”
Tray smirked and narrowed his eyes, “Be careful, I might just pin you down and pat your belly to see what kinda leg action occurs.”
Oh my God, they were hilarious and I couldn’t stop my chuckle at their banter. They both pinned intense stares on me. Tray’s vibrant green eyes scrutinized me while Mikhail’s storm-tossed blue gaze did not conceal his enjoyment. I looked from one to the other. Trying to divert them, I asked about the others in the family and what they were dressing up as.
Mikhail answered right away, “Well, Ivan doesn’t partake. He says it is a juvenile past-time one must give up at maturity.”
Making a disgusted face and pinching his lips together, Tray added, “Our oldest brother can be a smidge repressive. I think he is still stuck in the dark ages.”
With a nod of his head, Mikhail said, “He and Aleksi should have teamed up. The Sheriff and Warden costumes suit them perfectly.”
I bit down into my lip this time, trying not to laugh. “What about Anna and her mate, Dimitri?” I asked, attempting to redirect the subject.
“Should have gone as a ball and chain,” Mikhail stated with a straight-face.
“She’s too prissy for anything like that. Besides, Dimitri would break the bank to make her happy. I saw her pouting at him last week and he simply told her he’d go as whatever she wanted. Poor sap, spending the whole damn night in chain mail and armor.” Traian sighed before adding, “It is a good thing she is mated, the revealing cut of her princess gown shows a tad too much skin for my taste. One of us would have ended up taking some prick to task for gawking at her. At least Dimitri can handle the fall-out now, if he stops drooling long enough to kick some tail.”

Mikhail interlaced his fingers and cracked his knuckles. I noticed the black and silver stripes decorating the skin on his hands as well. It seemed he really took this costume thing seriously. Even his nails were painted a dusky charcoal color.
“So, Ms. Paige, anything else you want to know? I am getting eager to do some Trick or Treating if you catch my drift,” Mikhail said with a grin.
“You already got some tail; long and hairy I might add,” Tray retorted teasingly.
“And the fangs, can’t forget those,” I added with a bit of bravado.
Mikhail smiled showing off his wicked canines. “All the better to bite you with,” he replied with a quick wink.
I chewed on the inside of my cheek and tried not to stare at the sexy male in front of me. Damn, but what would it feel like to be bitten by him?

“Well? Earth to Christa,” Tray rapped his fingers on the table to gain my attention.
“Oh, I think I got enough information. The Kan Asma celebrate pretty much like all the rest of us,” I finally answered.
“What about you?” Mikhail asked.
I shook my head, “I don’t do costumes anymore. Unless playing Mommy the Chaperone with a Starbucks in hand qualifies?”
Traian licked his bottom lip and glanced over at his brother. For a moment, they simply remained silent and I wondered what they were scheming in the privacy of their mental communication.
“There’s this shop on Santa Monica Boulevard, they have lotsa leather…”
I held up my hand and tried not to sputter, “Ha. Ha. Don’t go there,” I said bemusedly while cutting Traian’s suggestion off before it got any more convoluted.
The time rapidly came to an end. Attari’s was getting ready to close and we needed to leave. Like true gentlemen, they both stood up and offered me a hand. When Tray stepped close, I nearly burst out in a fit of chuckling. The costume he wore came to mid thigh. The hemline accentuated the perfection of his legs. A pair of leather Birkenstocks finished off the look by giving a glimpse of his sexy feet. No doubt he was in for more treats than tricks tonight.
They escorted me out of the café and walked with me to my car. I thanked them for their time. Mikhail flashed his fangs one more time for me. Seeing his entire costume from the colored hair to his furry feet really set the tone for the night.
As I drove off, I was eager to go see my little munchkins in their costumes. They might not be as elaborate as Tray and Mik’s are, but my Egyptian Princess and Go-Go Girl were sure to rake in their own treasure trove of Hershey’s, Brach’s and Nestle’s.

Now, did you see all the clues? Leave me a comment with what costumes you think Traian and Mikhail showed up in. Imagine these hotties all dressed up like Traian and Mikhail, just try not to drool.

If you answer right, I will enter you into my Bound By Deception Halloween contest drawing. The winner receives a gift basket with candy and a copy of my new release Bound By Deception in a signed Jewel Case.
Don't forget to leave us a way to contact you.

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Happy Halloween.



Debby said...

I love reading about different vampires. Happy Halloween!!

Stephanie Julian said...

No idea what they're costumes are but I love the pix.

s7anna said...

I'm going to say that Tray is dressed up as some sort of shifter cross-dresser (can you tell that I suck at this guessing thing) and Mikhail is dressed up as a zebra?? I'm way out there with my guesses...this is going to be fun finding out what they really came dressed up as.

Happy Halloween!
Anna Shah Hoque

Jaxxy said...

Are they a wolf and a tiger?

Mitz said...

I really don't know, but I 'd love to be in your contest so here's my guess are they siberian tiger and caveman????

Mindy said...

Hi Crista :)
I think Traian is a caveman and Mikhail is a wolf.
Happy Halloween!
Mindy V-V

Mitz said...

Interesting, I really don't know what to say besides I'd love to be in your contest....LOL
Ummm they kinda sound like dracula or the dad from the adam's family or munsters something like that and maybe a caveman for the second.

Misty said...

sorry for the second post was supposed to send that one ooops...

Kris said...

I'm gonna go with wolf and caveman...nut I thought the story was a fun read even though I didn't get the answer right LOL!


Anonymous said...

im going with a tiger and his trainer

Unknown said...

A Tiger and Caveman LOL

Stacey Smith said...

A Wolf and a Roman gladiator?

Virginia C said...

Mikhail is the Big Bad Wolf.

Traian is a Tiger Man.

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Annie Nicholas said...

This is a great post. It's really made me curious to learn more about them. You should have gone to the costume party with them!! I was routing for you. LOL

Judy said...

I think a tiger for sure, the other could be a wolf! This was a very interesting post. Definitely having fun!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Unknown said...

Hi :)
I was thinking a Tarzan costume & a wolf but perhaps the other commentors are right & it is a tiger.
Thanks for the story/post,
All the best,

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