Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghosts at Alcatraz? by Ari Thatcher

I’ve always wanted to see a ghost. As a kid I read as many ghost stories as I could, first fiction and then the ones claiming to be real. I say claiming only because I’ve never seen on, still!

My daughter, on the other hand, doesn’t want to know if there’s anything out there that should have moved on into the next life. She did read the same books I did, but reading about and experiencing are two different things.

So, which one of us got to see a ghost? You guessed it, she did. I’m so jealous!

She and her now-husband visited San Francisco and toured Alcatraz prison while they were there. She snapped photo after photo on the tour, cell after cell. When they got to the solitary confinement cells, she snapped yet another shot, then glanced at the display screen. Seeing the white mist, she almost dropped the camera!

She emailed several photos to me, straight from her camera. They were still rotated 90 degrees off, so I adjusted that. Then I sat and stared! Some of the cells were glassed off, but this was not one. There is nothing between Andi and the cell that could catch a reflection. I studied the area surrounding the fog just to be sure she wasn't pulling my leg, but I don't see any sign this is a reflection.

There appears to be an ear, if you look just right, but the alignment of the fog versus where Andi would hold the camera doesn't match up that it could be her reflection. There would be a camera in the reflection, wouldn't there? And the flash, since the picture is obviously brightened.

I can't find anything glaringly obvious to debunk this as anything "natural". Can you?

After seeing her ghost, Andi followed the group to the solitary confinement cells in the last photo. Those cells have no form of lighting inside. Once the door closes, the inmates were in absolute darkness. The tour guide let visitors step inside and offered to close the door so they could experience the darkness. Andi turned down the chance! Would you want to be alone in the dark with a misty figure hovering a few cells away?

I’m still envious, but maybe someday I’ll have my chance. I’m a huge fan of Ghost Hunters, so just catching one of film wouldn’t be enough. I’d want to try and record EVPs, have a psychic come and communicate.

Maybe that’s why the ghosts avoid me. I’m the paparazzi of the ghost world, wanting comments as well as a candid photo. I just need to connect with the spirit looking for his fifteen minutes of fame. If you run into one, will you let me know?


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Sandra Sookoo said...

Awesome photo! I've never seen a ghost either but I've heard things, whispers and such. I know they're out there and I'm okay with that--as long as they don't mind me writing about them every now and again :-)

s7anna said...

Great cover! Tuck & Beck seem like a armfull of HOTNESS!!! I've had a couple of encounters with the other world and trust ain't something I'm too fond of remembering...But if you're eager to experience it...I hope that someday you get your encounter. :)

Looking forward to reading your book. :)

Happy Halloween!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Susan Hanniford Crowley said...

Definitely an amazing cover.

I went to San Francisco but didn't go to Alcatraz, so it looks like I missed something. I will have to put it on my list.

Thanks so much but adding to my Halloween fun.


Mitz said...

Ari what an awesome story and pic. If you look close enough it does look like a head there with a blurred body maybe, I don't know but I can see head nd what looks to be an ear on that head. As if going do tour alcatraz wouldn't be spooky enough she sees this. I'm not surprised though considering the place.
I have never seen a ghost, but have seen a rockingchair rock for no reason and heard footsteps on the stairs late at night this was about 20 years ago happened many of different times was definitely creepy but I was still amused and curious.
Your book Death by Sex sounds very intriguing may have to go grab a copy. Love the cover to, but the excerpt was better.
Thanks for sharing with us today...
Happy Holloween!!!!

Amanda said...

I am sooo jealous too!

How cool is that though!

If you ever want to see spirits things or experience things just off by a little, may I suggest Winchester mansion! Oh man I sooo couldn't wait to get out of there!

Awesome posting!


Virginia C said...

I am sure there are ghosts at Alcatraz. Think of all the lost souls that lived and died within those walls!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Annie Nicholas said...

I have to tell you this picture freaked me out! Can you see the collar under his ear? I so believe in ghosts.

Judy said...

I am not sure if I believe there are ghosts or not!! I have never had any experiences like that, so I think I would have to see something before I was convinced. Great looking book, great title!!

Jaxxy said...

Turn down solitary confinement? Why would anyone do that?

J Hali Steele said...

I've always wanted to tour the Eastern State Penitentiary here in Philly but never make it. Wonder if all the stories are true...

Can't wait to read this, Ari.

Unknown said...

Hi Ari :)
Thanks for sharing.
I loved the picture too.
Perhaps you have to wait until one of the many "reality tv" stars pass on.
All the best,

Debby said...

Great photo, I would love to visit Alcatraz

Debby said...

debby236 @

Ari Thatcher said...

Thank you all for stopping by! I tried to comment to each of you, but Blogger ate my reply!