Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Shelter in Place. Words this Michigander was happy to hear. Not only will that order save lives (Thank you, Gov. Whitmer!), it gives writers the excuse to hunker down with their WIP. In the second round of edits before the 15th and final book of my “By Moonlight” series goes to Beta readers, the idea of being one with my (well sanitized) keyboard was just the kick I needed to gitter done. Sounded great . . . at first, until an unexpected interruption.

I’m going back to 7th grade!

This grammy has her 12-year old grandguy for the 2nd of possibly four weeks while D-I-L remotes from home, finishing exams and term papers at the same time for a second degree in library science . . . which can’t possibly be as hard as 7th grad math (exponents, expressions, equations, Oh My!). Good news – I finally found out what a predicate is (knowledge gained and flushed when I was in 7th grade!).We’ve got the sessions at the dining room table broken down into five sections interspersed with Japanese cartoons and walks, when weather allows.

All in all, we’re weathering the crisis without difficulty (except for two adults who pace the house, jones-ing for an extra trip to Meijers and a sit-down restaurant). Chez Gideon will have to do for now and our larder is stocked to last until 2025!

For me, not going anywhere isn’t a burden. (I did just drag the recycler up from the curb! Fresh air AND exercise-win/win!) Give me my 29” All-in-One (great for bingeing, too!), my Keurig, and cats and I’m good!

(Me, reaching for hand sanitizer and cuing up Chapter 24!)

Hope all of you are staying safe and ramping up that word count!

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Diane Burton said...

Glad to hear you're doing okay. Congrats to our great governor who has been ahead of the national gov. with closing schools and now the stay at home order. Hard on small businesses, but hey, we have to stay safe. Like you, this has been a godsend for writers. Except movies are calling my name. LOL I would have a hard time with 7th grade math, too. We should get my g'daughter and your guy together (virtually) since they're in the same grade. Take care of yourself.

Patrish said...

Kudos on doing the work with the grandboy. That was supposed to be me this month, before the plague came. Stayed home, away from dear friends and beloved family--as you know. Keep on writing and loving on that boy!

Maureen said...

I wouldn't want to go back to 7th grade! My day job is already remote, and since I'm in healthcare, the work has just gotten busier- so unfortunately, this hasn't given me any extra writing time- but this introvert never minds staying home.