Saturday, July 25, 2020

RISE BY MOONLIGHT – Now Available by Nancy Gideon

It’s so hard to say good-bye to the friends, family and a city who’ve shared your 4:30 mornings at the keyboard and late nights sleeplessly plotting for over a decade. But all good things must end and RISE BY MOONLIGHT completes that 15-book love affair with it’s release on August 3rd. What started out as a paranormal submission for a category romance line quickly grew out of control with characters larger than life and a dark plotline bursting at the seams needing four full length novels to even begin to contain the courtship of the two main characters. And then there were all those multifaceted secondary characters demanding equal time. What’s an author to do but write their stories? Could I go on indefinitely? Yes! Should I? Not right now. I’m itching to do something new, something different, but first, my New Orleans clan needs one heck of a sendoff, Mardi Gras Style (beads optional)!

Hope you’ll join in the celebration by shouting out loud and sharing.


Max and Charlotte return for the explosive conclusion of the “By Moonlight” series . . .

and the stakes have never been higher!

He’s the Promised One

A Mobster’s attack dog turned legitimate business powerhouse, Max Savoie is the reluctant leader of New Orleans’ shapeshifter clan. They’ve kept to anonymous shadows, working and living unnoticed by the human world until their new Shifter King’s past draws dangerous outsiders who threaten all.

She’s the Protector

A fiercely determined NOPD detective, Charlotte Caissie has sworn to defend her beloved city and her unborn child from both criminals and otherworldly factions at war.While standing boldly at the side of her mate/husband, secrets from the past return to shake the foundation of her beliefs.

They have a Problem

Walking a marital tight rope between opposite worlds,Max and Cee Cee’s paths place truth and trust at odds when outside threats force enemies to become allies.The time to take a stand for their family and their future is at hand. Time to rise together for the survival of all they love!

“Every delicious word on the page exhilarates with a sensuous ferocity. Hopelessly addicted.” – NYT bestselling author, Darynda Jones

Watch for Blog Tour details if you’d like to be part of the festivities or just ask if you’d like me as a guest. I’m very tidy.

What’s next? Not sure yet. A return to my historical westerns as Dana Ransom? A Regency romp as Lauren Giddings? Contemporary romantic Suspense? What do you think? Maybe a next gen “By Moonlight?”

For now, Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Maureen said...

Congratulations! I'm sure it's bittersweet after spending time with these characters for 15 books, wow! Looks like a great one to wrap it up.

Nancy Gideon said...

Thanks, Maureen! It hasn't really sunk in yet.

Diane Burton said...

Congratulations, Nancy, on finishing this fantastic series. Those characters have lived in your head for over 15 years, no wonder it's hard to let them go.I can't wait to read the final book. Got mine pre-ordered. Wishing you much success. And good luck on the next project.

Nancy Gideon said...

Once i figure out what that next project will be . . .