Sunday, October 25, 2020

Count Down to Halloween . . . by Nancy Gideon

This has been a bummer of a year for my favorite holiday. By now, I’d normally have the house orange and black and Halloween all over. But . . . not this year. This year, I just haven’t been feeling the spirit. Isolation, not being able to see family and friends, sitting in the basement watching all fourteen seasons of SUPERNATURAL back to back in anticipation of its return (okay, that high point finished just before sitting down to write this post), me and my son working our way through our movies of the month, and the probability of no Trick ‘r Treaters . . . Boo humbug.

Come right down to it, I don’t have it bad. No one I know personally has contracted COVID. I’ve been Zooming with critique partners, writers’ groups and even a potential agent. I’ve been enjoying the last of summer sun on the patio with my cats (leashed for safety - the cats, not me) and I’ve tiptoed out into the real world, masked, and distanced, for groceries but it’s not the same. My gym finally opened but I’m afraid to go. An anticipated in-person book signing with all possible precautions in place was just cancelled at the last minute due to a huge rise in cases. Sigh . . .

I, like everyone else I know, am doing everything I can to stay safe and protect those around me. I’ve been celebrating my latest release, RISE BY MOONLIGHT on line with a month-long blog tour event that’s taken me and my book to some Spooktacular places, including a Facebook event where I “met” enthusiastic new readers. My treats were all virtual including this fun jigsaw puzzle (my renewed quarantine guilty pleasure).

Haunted Halloween Spooktacular 2020
All the Halloweenie joy of that event has got me dragging out (some) orange and black crates from the basement for better late than never decorating that may include this guy. 

And while I’m decking out those gruesome halls, I’ll be listening to this appropriately dark and stormy playlist.

I guess I’m being dragged, moaning and groaning into the holiday spirit. So, how’s it haunting at your house? Pumpkin Spice, any one?

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Diane Burton said...

I'm glad you're staying safe and practicing good precautions--masks & social distancing. I do know someone who contracted covid. She was a PT at a nursing home and had to be quarantined from her kids. Ugh. Numbers have risen over here on the west side of Michigan, so I worry about my g'kids. Yes, it's dragging me down, too. We won't be handing out candy this year. As much as we love seeing the kiddies in their costumes, Hubs and I aren't taking any chances with the possibility of covid. Can we fast forward to next year???

Maureen said...

I always love Halloween as well- but it has been hard to get in the spirit this year. I'm glad you're keeping safe!

Keri Kruspe said...

I love your creative Halloween Jack-o'lantern! But the best was your sharing John Fogerty's Bad Moon Rising!!