Sunday, July 25, 2021

Refilling the Inspirational Well . . . by Nancy Gideon

Time to start a new project . . .

For decades, that phrase sparked a flood of ideas. Storylines poured in, all demanding to be told next. Dialog, sometimes snappy, sometimes tense, sometimes frightening filled my head. Picking between projects was the hard part.

But this time, it was different. I’d just finished AN UNTARNISHED HERO, the first book in a projected romantic suspense series. I had plotlines aplenty filling my computer screen but no particular one of them was shouting “Me! Me, next!”

Maybe I just needed a break from my office desk. A place to relax and refuel. Someplace just like the cottage I’d rented for a week with three other author friends where the demands of household and binge watching would be silent and all those storylines could be heard. Except suddenly, they had nothing to say. For three days, I cleaned up social media folders, worked on setting up an Instagram account, snuck off to the beach and a brewery, and stared at a flashing cursor. It wasn’t until the last day that actually words compiled a prologue. And pages appeared under the Chapter One heading. Eureka! I’m on a roll!

 Then I returned home with one day to unpack before my grandguy arrived to spend the week. Not complaining! LOVE my grandguy. Every day was an adventure: Fast & the Furious at the theatre, a trip to the zoo to meet thousands of mosquitos, a visit to Lansing’s Old Towne for fabulous food and shopping. A great time was had by all.

And now, it’s just me and my computer screen . . . and blog posts to write. Sigh.

Monday . . . Monday I will sit at my work desk, turn on the laptop and get down to the author business of writing on my WIP . . . trying to forget the Olympic Games are on. Well, maybe just Simone . . .

Hope your writing wells are full and producing!

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Mary Morgan said...

Ha! I know the feeling well, Nancy. So many stories screamed to be written, yet in truth, I needed a break. I needed to rest and recharge the brain. Instead of writing, I researched, read, and poked around in my garden. Now I'm back at my current work-in-progress. Wishing you all the best come Monday morn. :)

Diane Burton said...

Sorry I'm late in responding. My problem isn't the lack of ideas. it's the lack of creative energy to write them. The ideas will be there, waiting for the right time. Best wishes in refilling your well.