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Are you prepared for a disaster? Prepper Romances

Veronica Scott sez: Pulled this post from the Archives. Even though the book it was promo-ing was about a tornado disaster, plenty of people have been suffering through ice & snow-related disaster in recent months, so it seemed like something of a timely topic. This post was written by former Contributor  D. L. Jackson:

Are you?

Life has been crazy lately. A lot of what has been going on, has brought me full circle back to a Prepper Romance I wrote called Finding Mercy. Now this was released ( NOTE: in December 2012)., but I’ve had a lot of people asking me lately about the prepper lifestyle and what things they could do to not only prepare for disaster, but how to put away food and prepare for times when money is tight. I’ve also had readers contact me, or comment about things they do to prepare.

If you think about it, our grandparents were doing this in The Great Depression, finding alternate means to feed their families and sustain life on little or no money. But prepping goes deeper than that. It’s having basic first aid and other skills needed to survive a disaster, like the hurricane that moved up the East Coast this past fall. It’s about being ready for anything and having peace of mind, that though you can’t guarantee one hundred percent your family will be safe, you have done everything you can to tip the odds in your favor that everyone will survive.

 In Finding Mercy I have a full community, having suffered the devastation of tornadoes, that pulls together to rebuild after the disaster. In fact, they could be any community in the country (you see this everyday). They are a group that has neighbor helping neighbor, to make their piece of the world a better, safer, and greener place to live.

Today, you’ll see all sorts of television shows and books dedicated to this lifestyle. From shows like The Colony, to specials on Doomsday Preppers. Classes are even springing up around the country to teach you lifesaving skills we’ve lost in a high-tech age. From greener living, to putting away food and water, there is so much you can do to prepare.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Finding Mercy:

Evans Point, Wyoming

June 28th, 2010  

If he didn’t know better, he’d think the end of the world had arrived. Will Evans tightened his grip on Bear’s and Sadie’s leashes and tuned in for any cries for help. The fresh smell of rain mixed with the industrial stink of spilled fuel and the ozone from a nearby lightning strike pounded reality home.

Even though they’d merely begun, his bones ached. Fifteen years before, he would’ve torn through the wreckage and pulled out survivors without hesitation. Now, he could only survey the destruction and fight the tears that tugged on his eyes. The scene brought back another time he couldn’t stomach, when he’d seen the Grim Reaper rip a hole between life and death, as he’d done this day.

The storms had hit with ferocity, in the middle of the night, without warning. The roaring of the beast had woken some, but not all. Those alerted had rushed for cover in their basements and cellars and now searched for those who were not as lucky. This was all that remained of the downtown after six tornadoes had torn through Evans Point. In all his eighty-four years, Will had seen only one other battlefield like it.

He swallowed and searched his soul for courage. There would be bodies among the rubble, but hopefully, there would also be living. He had to believe to continue, even though he found his faith tested.

So much carnage. Scanning the brightening horizon, he took in the destruction. Brick buildings were blown apart. Vehicles lay on their rooftops, dripping gasoline and other fluids. Even a pickup had been skewered on a flagpole like one of the carousel horses he’d ridden as a child at the fairground. A toy truck lay at his feet, its red paint bright and clean like it was fresh from the box.

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to invite you to check out the Prepper Romance Series from Decadent Publishing. PrepperRomance Buy Links. In this series you will find stories of people falling in love, who are also preppers. The focus isn’t on what they do, it’s simply a part of their lives. You will read stories of war heroes, princesses and geologists that embrace the earth and make amazing shelters. You will read stories about people like you and me, who want their families and friends to be safe in an emergency. 
So, what are you waiting for. Go get some great romance, and a few tips on how to be better prepared for disasters.
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