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Guest Post from Jocelyn Dex VALIA'S VILLIAN

Mimi sez: It's great having Jocelyn on our blog today. She has two releases: Valia's Villian and Fin's Fantasy, both erotic paranormal romance featuring very hot, sexy demons. I read Valia's Villian and the first book in Jocelyn's Sempire Seduction series, Araya's Addiction. All hot reads and lots of fun with characters you can't help but love! She brought along some guests today for an interview, the hero and heroine of Valia's Villian: Rydin and Valia.

Rydin, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Rydin: Who do you think you are to question me?
Jocelyn: Rydin, be nice. They’re just trying to get to know you.
Rydin: <Grunts and folds arms across chest> My name is Rydin. I’m a Ferox demon and you should fear me.

What do you like most about being a Ferox demon?

Rydin: I am fearless and strong. I could crush you with one finger.
Jocelyn: Slight exaggeration there, don’t you think?
Rydin: Try me, female.
Valia saunters in…
Valia: Hey what’s up?
Jocelyn: You’re late.
Valia: <Shrugs> You can’t rush awesome.

What other person in your book do you dislike? Why?

Rydin: I feel an intense hatred for he who holds my contract. His name is Debol, a deranged Incubus who loves to flaunt his power over me and make my life miserable. One day, I’ll make him suffer and glory in his pain. <Sneers at Jocelyn> You might be next.
Jocelyn: What? What did I do?
Rydin: You are the one who wrote Debol to have power over me.
Jocelyn: <Rolls eyes> I’ll make it up to you later. Don’t be a jerk.
Rydin: <Sneers some more>

Valia, do you agree?

Valia: <Shudders and squeezes Rydin’s bicep> <Looks at Jocelyn> Yep, you kinda suck for creating him.
Jocelyn: <sighs> Whatever. Next question.

Rydin, is there an illegal act you would commit without guilt and why?

Rydin: I’ve committed several acts you humans would consider illegal. Murder, kidnapping, thievery, torture. It’s my job. I do what I have to do with no regrets, no guilt.
Valia: <Looks lustfully at Rydin> Mmm. So villainous.

Tell us something about your hometown.

Rydin: Hometown. You humans are clueless. I grew up in the demon realm. There are no “hometowns” there.

Rydin and Valia, who is your favorite author?

Rydin: <Gazes at Valia> Jocelyn Dex. But only because she wrote Valia into my life. Otherwise, I could do without her meddling.
Valia: <Gazes adoringly back at Rydin> Ditto.

Rydin, what was the scariest moment of your life?

Rydin: <Scoffs> I am Ferox. I know no fear.
Jocelyn: None? Really? What if Valia was in trouble?
Rydin: <Eyebrows narrow> You will NOT put her in danger any more, female. Or I will make you pay.
Jocelyn: <Snorts>

Rydin, what songs are most played on your iPod?

Rydin: I don’t know what an iPod is but if it needs killing, I’m the demon to do it.
Jocelyn: Valia seriously needs to bring you up to speed on technology.
Valia: We have more important things to do. <winks at Rydin>

Everyone, what is your favorite meal?

Rydin: Meat.
Jocelyn: Try a vegetable every once in a while. Geez. For me, it’s spinach enchiladas. YUM.
Valia: Fruit. It’s all about the fruit and...
<Rydin pulls her onto his lap and kisses her passionately>
Jocelyn: Um, hey. It’s not the time for that.

Valia, what is the worst thing Jocelyn has done to you?

Valia: <Gives Jocelyn the stink eye> She made me think my Rydie was going to die.  That was super lame.
Jocelyn: Geez. He’s not dead is he?
Valia: You’re lucky.

Will the three of you work on any more stories in the future?

Valia: Oh yeah. Fin’s story is already out. Rydin and I are in it. Of course. I mean, it wouldn’t be as awesome without us.
Jocelyn: What Valia said. Also, I plan a fourth book in the series but haven’t worked out the who, what, when and why of it yet.
Valia: But we’ll be in it, riiiiight?
Jocelyn: Of course. Thanks for having us here today!

Title: Valia’s Villain
Series: Sempire Seductions, Book 2
Author: Jocelyn Dex
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Cover Artist: Syneca Featherstone
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: 36,000 words
ISBN: 9781419948275

Valia’s Villain Blurb
When Valia approaches the Ferox demon, hoping for scorching sex and a feed, she doesn’t expect to be handcuffed, transported to the demon realm, accused of dirty deeds she has no memory of committing and held captive for three days.  Even though she believes her captor to be crazy, she feels a connection to him she’s felt with no one else.

When Rydin senses the Sempire who locked him up, fed on him and used him as a sex slave many years ago, he knows his wait for revenge is finally over. Burning with the need to punish her, he imprisons her in the demon realm, where she is at his mercy, but as much as he tries to ignore it, a connection sparks between them every time they touch.

Author Bio

Jocelyn was born in Iowa and currently resides in hot-as-hell Texas. She shares her home with her very own 6'4" alpha male and varying numbers of spoiled cats and dogs. Teaching one of her dogs to file his nails is one of her all-time favorite accomplishments.

She thinks dragonflies are awesome, spiders are creepy and it’s rumored that she sleeps with a machete by her bed in case zombies attack in the middle of the night. Jocelyn loves to paint, loves to read, and loves to write sizzling erotic romance about yummy demons that would make your momma blush.

Here’s where you can find Jocelyn on the web

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