Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lurking Plot Bunnies...

We’re approaching the Chinese New Year and once again I feel the tickling of plot bunnies. For years the idea of writing a series based on the Chinese zodiac has dangled like a shiny object in the distance. Most of the outlining (more than I do for most of my stories) is done but I so far I haven't been able to fit into my writing que.

It would have a twelve year span (the Chinese cycle). Twelve Princess are under an enchantment and when they turn twenty they have an opportunity to shatter the spell. So at the beginning of year the princess is presented with her ‘opportunity’.  To fail would mean they disappear forever. They characters would assume some of the characters of the ‘year’ of their story.

For example 2014 is the year of the horse. So my heroine, Charlene, is popular, quick-witted, charming, cheerful, and talented. Her vices (or the makers of the story) she has a weakness for members of the opposite sex, is impatient and hot-blooded. So when an injured hero shows, she MUST help regardless of the cost even if it means she won’t be able to break the spell. And hiccups in the story are the results of her impatience.

Have you ever as a writer had an idea that sparked your muse but just couldn’t bring the idea to light? Or as a reader have you thought something would make a really good story?

Best wishes for this new year :D


Veronica Scott said...

Wow, I love the idea - when can we read the first one LOL?

Lyncee said...

Thanks Veronica, I'd love to write them... I just can't seem to fit them in something always pushes them to the back