Monday, January 20, 2014

A Plug for the Paranormal Romance Guild

 Hi Everybody -

 I'm Victoria Danann and it's my day to blog for Paranormal Romantics. Today I'm going to tip my hat to the Paranormal Romance Guild.

Didn't know there was a PARANORMAL ROMANCE GUILD? There has been since Halloween of 2009. Here's the mission statement.

Mission Statement

The sole purpose of the Paranormal Romance Guild (PRG) is to support and promote all authors of the paranormal romance genre and their works through its website and events.
When I burst onto the scene by Indie publishing my first book in May 2012 - okay, that may have been an exaggeration. I suppose I more snuck onto the scene unnoticed. However I arrived, it didn't take long to realize that it takes more than writing a good book and putting it up for sale on Amazon. It may seem inconceivably naïve now, but I actually expected to enjoy Kresley Cole's notoriety within a month and surpass Karen Marie Moning within a year.
I think I sold seventeen copies of My Familiar Stranger the first month. Looking back knowing what I now know, it was a miracle that I sold ANY copies at all. 
Shortly after I began poking around to see what must be done to get the attention of readers, I was fortunate to find the PRG. They were responsible for my first review and I still have the first two lines of that review memorized. At the end of the year My Familiar Stranger was nominated by PRG for Best Paranormal Romance of 2012. That nomination gave me the confidence to believe that my original goal, which I won't tell, might be a reality someday if I kept writing.

Who we are

     The Paranormal Romance Guild, AKA("PRG"), was formed by the banding together of paranormal romance genre readers and writers, through the internet, with the sole purpose of supporting and promoting authors of the paranormal romance genre through the organization's website and special events.

As an author, if you're looking for a professional organization, I couldn't give them a higher recommendation. You can find a great online community, member only workshops, and even people who are willing to mentor you.

As a reader, you can find new writers, access an extensive archive of works in a wide variety of Romance subgenres and read what the experts thought about their books.
This year I received three nominations for PRG REVIEWERS' CHOICE AWARDS, two for novels published during 2013 and one for best paranormal romance series. Still pinching myself because it's so hard to believe that all three won their categories.

Best Paranormal Romance Series - Order of the Black Swan (

 To see all this year's winners go here,


Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful group!

Carol L. said...

Congrats on your wins. I'm definitely going to be reading these. Love Paranormal. Thanks for the post.
Carol L
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