Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I am one of those people who really doesn't like being scared. I don't find it fun or invigorating. I find it to be very terrible and it makes me want to hit things (my poor husband found this to be true when he snuck up on me when I was in the shower--bloody nose and a lesson learned).

So why the heck did I write a scary story?

I do like to try new things when I write--and I suppose I was due for a shake up. I've really traveled into the fantasy side of fiction, and I love it there. In some ways I was able to disassociate from Midnight at Ripley Inn, and treat it like fantasy. Yet, it  hits so close to home because I'm a mom. The two sides of that, I think, helped me make it real without freaking myself out too much (though, I did).

I also fell in love with Winney. More than any other character, Winney has been one that walks around with me. This imperfect ghost, existing on grief and denial and certainty she's really not good for much. And yet...she pulls of a mega upset.

I hope you'll give your chills recepticals a workout with Midnight at Ripley Inn, available now at all major ebook sellers.

Rene only wanted to temper her mommy guilt with a nice family vacation to the coast. Waking up to a room covered in blood and her youngest child biting herself never entered her plans. With her seven-year-old trying to hurt the ones around her and no way off the island, Rene and her husband rely on the help of the locals.

While storms rage on, both outside and inside the Ripley Inn, Rene must decide whether to trust the kind island pastor, or the ghost trapped inside the walls of the hotel. One claims to want to help them, the other wants them gone before what’s inside Rene’s daughter bursts free and kills them all.

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Nothing too scary for you! I promise!

Take care,
Stephanie Beck

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