Monday, September 21, 2009


Happy Manic Monday! The weekend is over with a new week to look forward to. As promised weeks ago, I've written a FREE READ that you voted for. A steamie paranormal romance between a male werewolf and a female mermaid.


Sylvie is hiding a dark, hungry secret. She’s developed enough skill to control her inner beast but every once in awhile she finds someone irresistible. Caste out of the ocean by her people for fear of what she’d grown into. She rebels against mermaid beliefs and races to something they disapproved of.

Consorting with Weres of any kind.

Rust fit all the characteristics she wanted. As a younger Werewolf, he made a living as a porn star. Enough said.

Everyone knows Mermaids don’t consider themselves to be true Weres so when Sylvie crashed his party Rust couldn’t resist the challenge of seducing her. Who would have guessed she’d turn out to be the only female that ever fulfilled his every need.

She wanted a one-night-stand but finds herself the prey of a mating hunt. If only he understood the danger, her beast craved his taste and she’d almost lost control on their night together. If it happened again he may not survive.

The story took a life of its own. My short story will actually become a novella. Second chapter should be up by the end of October.



J Hali Steele said...

NO! Please tell me I don't have to wait that long...please.

Damn! Are you sure you don't mean end of SEPTEMBER?

LM Spangler said...

Great read, Annie!

I would have never thought to pair a mermaid and a wolf. Excellent combination. Can't wait for chapter two.


Sandy said...

Interesting combination, Annie. Can't wait to learn how it turns out.

Annie Nicholas said...

Thanks to all those who stopped by for the read. I had a great time coming up the story and can't wait to finish it.

Rae Lori said...

Hey congrats on the story growth! Looking forward to reading more. :-)