Monday, September 14, 2009


Happy Manic Monday everyone, last week’s chaos has settled and I’m watching the dust settle. Coffee is on the counter again and I can ponder once more.

Our world is growing smaller. Not in a literal sense but in a subjective manner. The international borders are crumbling via the world wide web.

I participate, almost every day recently, in a chat group at Romance Divas. We do writing challenges and chat about everything under the sun. This week I woke early, before the kids, and wiped the cobwebs off my creativity to begin a new journey with a full length novel. I logged on to chat and started writing with fellow early birds. Or at least that’s what I thought, until one mentioned she needed to leave to pick up her children from school.

*dong* Different time zone chimed in. Here I was writing and chatting with someone probably six hours ahead of me. How surreal. This happened to me during the summer last year. I was helping a new member of my crit group to brainstorm her story. We spoke through yahoo group for at least an hour until I said stated I needed to go to bed. Only then did we both realize that we lived on the opposite sides of the world, her in Australia and me in Vermont.

Since joining internet writing groups my world has shrunk and I am the richer for it. With friends in South Africa, Australia, India, British Isles, Mexico, Japan…and the list goes on. I have to wonder, with the ebook industry growing will someone in a remote village in Europe download my book one day? Why shouldn’t there be an electronic bookstore to serve the world?

It’s possible, I think that’s the future and I can’t wait.

Even here on our blog I bet there are those from away places. We come together and chat about what we love and have in common, no matter what our borders.

Let’s hold hands and see how far we reach around the globe.

Tell me where you are in the world.


Hailey Edwards said...

I agree that the connections made possible by the internet are a beautiful thing. I find myself staying up late to catch my friends in Australia and Scotland. Life is so much richer because of those friendships and the support they bring. It's a good thing :D

I am in Alabama.

J Hali Steele said...

Great story, Annie. A couple weeks ago I held a release contest and one of the winners was from JAPAN! I got an email from her telling me her and her husband each wore one out. Imagine my giddiness at the fact that my t-shirts are being worn around the world.

Me, I'm from southeastern Pennsylvania. Hello world! *me waving*

Kim Knox said...

I'm one of those early birds, lol

I'm in North West England :)

Annette Gisby said...

I'm in London, UK :)

Z(Aasiyah/Nolwynn) said...

Lol, I'm in Mauritius. Ever heard of? It's an island in the Southern Indian Ocean.



LM Spangler said...

South Central Pennsylvania. About an hour from Maryland.


Gem Sivad said...

I live in West Virginia, four hours from anywhere, but everywhere with the internet.

Love your blog Annie.


Cat Barrile said...

I'm in Southern California.

Anonymous said...

very interesting!
I'm in Yorkshire, England!
And I just put my heating on!

Lyndsey Davis said...

It's a great thought that the internet has linked us in friendships that span the world though we can't travel in person to a coffee klatch; in knowledge as ideas are exchanged; in cultures as we learn the quirky and profound differences that families teach us and in vision as we never will see things the same way again.
Good article, Annie.
Lyn from sunny California

Rebecca Royce said...

I'm from just outside of Manhattan in suburbia New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Haleyville, AL, home of the first 911 call. *waves*

Mima said...

i'm in rochester NY.

PJ von Detweiler said...

NE PA here, parked on a mountain. (This is fun!)

Unknown said...

Hi :)
I'm in Northern Ontario, Canada.
I believe there will be a ebookstore/site that will become as big as Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc. It's time is coming.
All the best,
PS - Thank you for the great blog post.

Rae Lori said...

Phoeniz, Arizona but I've got one foot in my home of Southern California!

I love this post. I've "met" so many wonderful people all around the world that I would not have met without the net. Gotta love it!

RKCharron, that would be awesome! If it's anything like Goodreads, I'll set up my new home there. :-D may come close! Free shipping woo hoo.