Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cool as a Cucumber

You mean people cope with the insanity that is writing???

Oh, I mean. *cough* Yeah, I cope. Totally. I'm cool as a cucumber.

It's not like I worry every idea will be my last, or every contract will be my last, or every good get the idea.

Writing is stressful. It's mega stressful. It's the biggest, most stressful thing most people will ever do.

I think the only way to remain a happy and healthy writer is to take breaks, know your limits, and pay attention to the voice in your head when it starts to sizzle instead of speak. You don't want to burn out.

For most writers, the spark that got us started was a love of books. So, take a break and read a couple of new books. See what your fellow writers are getting published so you have an idea of where the market's at (or was two years ago LOL). Either way, it's not a waste of time. It's research. And, it will refresh you.

Other options are taking walks or watching TV. Do something away from your computer for awhile. Don't think about deadlines or any other writing-related pressures. It's hard, but if you set aside a few minutes every week, you'll train yourself to be more receptive to relaxing during those times. It's a good thing.

For me, I read to recharge. I hang out with my hubby and play with my daughter. They keep me happy. I also chat with friends or hang out on writer/author forums. Anything to forget the pressure of being a writer and become a reader for a while.

Sometimes, it's nice to poke through a plot hole and not have to be the one to fix it. You know what  I mean?


Sara Brookes said...

Taking a step away sometimes is a *huge* thing to learn as a writer. It's essential. I used to beat myself up if I didn't get my words in each day. I had to learn that giving in to the breaks was my brains way to giving me a great big kick in the butt to slow down. LOL

Hailey Edwards said...

I still have trouble stepping back if I haven't met my word goal. I try to balance it by saying I can be a slug the rest of the day...if I get that 2k in first.

Usually, the idea of guilt-free goofing off is such a temptation that I dig in and do the work. LOL