Monday, February 7, 2011

Chicken With Her Head Cut Off

Writing, life, and everything is something I didn't consider when I embarked on this published author journey. When I started writing, I wasn't working and had plenty of time, so wrote whenever the time presented. Basically, my writing revovled around my life.

Things got better, I got healthy enough to return to work, and all my extra time disappeared but I had this new wonderful hobby I didn't want to give up. It took a few months to figure out a delicate balance between family, work, and writing.

My solution to all my problems was simple. A notepad. Every moment during the day that's not occupied I write. That means I have to be an OCD plotter. Every conflict, goal, motivation, each chapter's points of interest is listed so when I pick up my pad I can scan as to where the hell I was and continue.

It's nuts.

On the weekends, late at night, I type in what I've written and CP chapters with other authors to hone my skills.

What is your schedule like?

PS: Happy Birthday Mom


Hailey Edwards said...

I write best between midnight and two a.m. So I write until two, get up at six with DD for school, go back to bed, wake up with DH by eleven, then try to write a little before DD gets home from school, then...chaos until she goes to bed. LOL

D L Jackson said...

I write in the front seat of my Yota on my lunch hour and before I go into work. I purposely leave the internet behind to focus on the task at hand or I'd never get any writing done. Focus is a huge issue with me.