Monday, February 14, 2011

What's Up My Sleeves!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

I wish I had a Valentine's free read to share but I'm terrible when it comes to themed stories. But...I can at least provide some links Divas 2010 and Divas 2011 are reads written to thank our readers on such a special day.

As to what I'm up to on my notepad, yep you heard me right, I still write my first draft on paper. I'm doing something I rarely ever do, work on two stories at the same time. It spins my head but they are both demanding my attention.

The first has a working title of Omegas in Love. It will be the fourth installment to The Vanguards series. Here's a little taste:

WARNING: Smexy share.

       Being with Katrina these past two years proved sex got better with time. Tyler jarred his funny bone against a bolt holding the bathroom stall together. “It’s too narrow in here. I can’t maneuver.”
     “That is half the fun.” She whispered in her Asian accent then undid his zipper.
     Sharp pain vanished from his elbow as she knelt in front of him and wrapped her ruby red lips around his cock.
     “Everyone in the restaurant will hear us.” All his protests seemed silly when she slid his cock further down her throat, sucking him into a moist, warm haven. Bracing the stall as if it were trying to cave in, he remained on his feet even though his knees threatened to give out on the next slow, deep pass. Short of breath, he flung his head back and panted as his beast rose inside threatening a shift.
It liked Katrina’s touch and participated whenever it could with sex. They could both smell the rise of her beast as well. Things became more aggressive when Katrina’s werewolf nature joined them in bed, which it rarely did. In a fucking public bathroom meant his afternoon was going to get very, very interesting.
Increasing her pace, she grasped his ass and dug her long nails turned claws into his lily, white skin.
He groaned. Pain during sex always turned into pleasure. His internal wires must be crossed somewhere for him to like the claws.
 The door to the bathroom creaked open and Tyler swallowed the rest of his groan. He almost had an aneurysm.
Footsteps followed with the sound of unzipping.
He thought Katrina would have slowed or maybe even stopped, but no. Having someone else in the room didn’t appear to bother her. She’d changed so much from the time he’d met her, from a shy, frightened girl to a confident, strong woman. Well, she’d smack him for calling her a woman. They were both werewolves in the Vasi pack, far from being human.
They listened to the male use the urinal, wash his hands, and leave.
All the while she sucked him hard and fast.
Unable to breath or move, Tyler remained silent until the stranger left. “Oh my God, Katrina, I’m so close.” He pulled himself from her mouth and lifted her onto her feet. In a frenzy of hands, he slid her red silk dress over her hips and she pulled his pants lower. Eager to be inside his mate, he didn’t waste time with her panties and tore them off in an act of what he called He-Manism.
Nothing about him would make anyone think He-Man. All one hundred and fifty pounds of curly, red-headed male made them think Ronald McDonald. Never mind that he could bench press a car in his beast form. Werewolves might be legal citizens now but not many tolerated them so he kept a tight lid on his secret identity to keep his job.
     Why a beauty like Katrina even paid him any attention still amazed him.

My other project is a new series I've started titled History of Eorthe: Temple.

       Sorin crept through the underbrush that surrounded the Temple. Stupid, little mouthfuls of feathers sang the whole time the blue demon light burned in the sky but lost their ability to tweet when he approached the area, may as well have tied a bell around his neck to jingle his arrival.
     An odd, delicate smell hung in the air around the Temple grounds. Something different, something he couldn’t place. His ears folded back against his silvered furred head as he bared his canines. Ever since the Full Moon goddess disappeared, over a hundred years ago, the place resembled a tomb. Yet, he liked coming here. The solitude appealed to him, it helped him think, however something alien disturbed the Temple today. Slinking between the stone pillars, hidden among the vines, he watched the intruder.
     Among the bright pink blooms that dotted the pillars paced a slim, tall female in her civil form. She wore a well tailored jacket that fell to her knees. He’d never seen cloth so clean and white. Her doe brown hair was pinned in strange manner, twisted behind her head much like a vampire would wear. Inhaling her scent through his mouth, he tried to taste her species.
     Definitely not a blood sucker, she smelled uncorrupted.  No males guarded her like their kind did however she carried no shifter scent marks. What kind of female didn’t have family or pack?
     Shifters stuck together. It was instinct.
     Maybe she was an outcast from her race? Eorthe held many species. The female could have wandered into their forest by accident. Silly of her, shifter laws over-road all others once on their lands, being unmarked meant anyone could claim her. Not that he wanted to, unmarked females meant trouble, challenges between males, jealousy among the females, dominance ranking shit. His pack had enough problems.   
     Whoever this stranger was she’d need to share the Temple with him. He needed to pray for guidance and strength to help his small pack. Even though the goddess abandoned her people, maybe some other god might hear him.
     Shaking his mane to settle around his shoulders, Sorin tried to tame his crazed fur. He also stank since he’d skipped his bath this morning. Not the best way to make a first impression but he’d been awake all night tending the sick. They buried the first dead caused by the illness with the sunrise. He wanted some sleep before evening fell and more graves were needed.
His heart sank.
A pit of despair sat under it since the first signs of the sickness. What little hope he’d sheltered vanished with the burial rites he’d spoken at the grave.
     Sorin slipped under the vines, dragging his belly across the ground so not to tear them loose. Stepping into the faint sunlight, he stood on his hind legs in beast form, the fastest and safest way to travel within the forest.
     The female spun at the sound on his entrance. Her eyes widened to the size of the pink blooms as her mouth dropped open. She retreated while her arms flayed around as if trying to find purchase.
     Then she screamed.
Please remember all these works and titles have been copyrighted and that they are works in progress. LOL


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Love the reads. I imagine it is quite hard to write once piece, let alone two. I admire and respect your gift and talent to write such wonderful stories...*S*
Thank you for sharing them. Can't wait to them when they are finished and published...*S*

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This reminds me I really should work on that free read. The past two weeks have just been rough.

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Whoo Hooo! I love to see everything coming down the pipe. Great excerpt, Annie