Friday, May 3, 2013

Brenda Novak Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research

Diabetes research is a cause near to my heart. My grandmother and my dad were diabetic. My little brother is too. Less than a month ago, I went to wake my brother up and I couldn't. He was in bed, staring at the ceiling, unable to speak and clearly unaware of what was happening around him. We had to call an ambulance and get him emergency treatment. The paramedics told me my brother had lapsed into a near-coma sometime during the night when his sugar levels dropped.

Every year, Brenda Novak hosts an auction that donates its proceeds to diabetes research. Every year, I bid like a crazy woman and gladly hand over my money at the end. Not only is it a great opportunity to win once in a lifetime opportunities, it's also a great way to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from diabetes.

Here is the information from the site:

Brenda Novak's Annual Online Auction for Diabetes Research is gearing up for its biggest year yet. Thanks to all who have participated in the past — both donors and shoppers — we've raised a cumulative total of $1.6 million. This year we are hoping to surpass $2 million to help all those with diabetes, including my son, Thad, and little Ben, whose picture you see here. Lauren Hawkeye Jameson is a fabulous author who has supported my auction year after year. She had no idea when she first got involved that she'd soon be fighting the diabetes battle in an even more personal way. Ben is only two years old but started showing symptoms of Type 1 just a few months ago. I'll never forget the night Lauren texted me with his symptoms to see if I thought she should take him to the ER. He had the constant thirst and the excessive urination. Fortunately, she was familiar enough with these symptoms to know something was wrong — and to guess at what it was. She got him the help he needed and now he's on insulin and doing the daily regiment faced by so many with diabetes. So I would like to dedicate this year's auction to Lauren, her husband, and to Ben. Join with me in fighting for a CURE on his behalf, and on the behalf of millions. Chances are you will be helping someone in your own family.

And here is where you can go to view the items and place your bids:

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