Monday, May 6, 2013

Computer Woes

Please forgive the short post today or lack of picture. Blogger is being difficult this morning.
My computer is not doing well, and getting online is next to impossible. Using simple programs like Word is not easy.

Technology. It’s great. There is so much we rely on it for. All our financial institutions run on it. Grocery stores registers use it. Our power, our vehicles and societies run on it. We harvest crops, get paid, and use it to preserve food and cook it.
In fact, it would be hard to survive without it these days. What if your life depended on technology? What if life or death hung in the balance? What if this planet went back to the dark ages?
This is the plot of a futuristic novel I’m working on, where the population of Earth can no longer sustain itself. Food becomes scarce and starvation is normal.

Would you survive the technological crash? How much of your life depends on technology?
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Jessica E. Subject said...

Before I started writing, I didn't rely so much on technology. Just for banking. Now, I'm very dependent upon it.