Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Wiccan Haus

Please join me in welcoming Dominique Eastwick who is here today to tell us all about the Wiccan Haus. (Well, all of you, I knew about it already. LOL)--RR

The Wiccan Haus is a shared world series, meaning the series is written by a handful of different authors. All bringing their own touch and characters into the Wiccan Haus world but always using at least one of the main Characters from the series and the island setting.
The Wiccan Haus is a Resort and Spa located off the coast of Maine, a place of spiritual and emotional healing for both Humans and Paras. Sort of Fantasy Island meets todays Paranormal romance.
Meet the Rowan Siblings owners of the Spa and resort...
Sarka (the eldest)
Sarka Rowan is the Alchemist. She creates potions and practices transmutation. Her skill with transmutation is unparalleled in the paranormal world. Although her gift is most effective with a para, she has been known to assist the rare human. She refuses to make a love potion or to bring back someone from the dead. Neither ever works out well. A powerful witch she has few friends and most give her a wide birth.
Cyrus (the second eldest)
Cyrus Rowan is the Retrocog - when he touches an item, he is able to see the past of the current owner and in most cases past owners. Very handy when they find an item and do not know who it belongs to. He is uncomfortable with his gift and rarely uses it. He wears gloves so he isn’t overwhelmed with information from items he touches. He is the reason the Wiccan Haus exists, the secrets he knows and the power he holds puts everyone he loves in danger.
Cemil (the middle child)
Cemil Rowan is the Empath – although he can sense a person’s feelings from a great distance (even through the telephone when taking reservations), his true powers come when he can physically hold the hands of the person he is trying to heal. Cemil is more whimsical than the others. Cemil is the kindest soul of the group. Cemil is the one who heals the rifts when they occur on the island. Don’t let his whimsical appearance fool you—he is quite capable of taking down a were-wolf if need be.
Sage (the youngest)
Sage Rowan is the Herbalist. She has the ability to know just what materials (herbs, spices and flowers) are needed to help a client—human or para—heal. She creates the shakes, food, candles, and soaps required for each individual client’s needs during their stay on the island. She is of the earth and like Cemil is intent on healing. Although she comes across as pure, this lady has hidden depths.

And two important Residents of the Island... (For the Rowan’s these two are as good as family)
Rekkus is the head of Security for the Haus. He is the were-tiger, hero of Shifting Hearts and mated to Dana. When in Tiger form he is a 700-pound Black tiger with silver stripes. He is officially bodyguard to Cyrus. Rekkus is known throughout the Para world for his super para strength and agility. Even for a Para his abilities are unmatched. No one would dare attack the Rowans if there is a chance of Rekkus being there to stop them. Surly to the point of being unsociable, Rekkus will do all it takes to keep those he loves safe. Never again will someone he loves be hurt, not if he can help it.
Myron is the Romney receptionist and is a card reader. She works the front desk and has what appears to be a standard set of playing cards.  Her ability to read the cards and know what the guest need makes her invaluable to the Wiccan haus. She is also the only one brave enough to call Rekkus “Puss in Combat boots’ If you come to the Wiccan Haus and the name tag reads another name it’s a safe bet Myron has lost hers and has borrowed someone else’s.

The books are stand alones and can be read in any order but it is encouraged to read Shifting Hearts first as it will introduce the readers to the world of the Wiccan Haus and its residents.

Shifting Hearts by Dominique Eastwick
A Man Worth Fighting For by Sara Daniel
An Apple Away by Kate Richards
Siren's Serenade by Dominique Eastwick
Psychic Lies by Sara Daniel
Shifter's Dance By Vanessa North
Unveil My Heart by Nya Rayne
Shifter's Song By Vanessa North

And Coming soon
Lifebound by Leigh Daley
Finding Her A-Muse-Ment by Rebecca Royce

Books can be purchased at
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Toni said...

Great information Dominique. I was wondering do you have a site where could I make my reservation? :)

Great job Musa for a fun escape. I have not been disappointed yet!

Unknown said...

Can't wait for the new books by my new Wiccan Haus sisters! So excited!!

Dominique Eastwick said...

Thank you for hosting me today :)