Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Guest Brea Viragh

Please welcome Brea Viragh, author of contemporary romance and aspiring to be a paranormal romance author. Here's Brea.

Let me begin by saying I’m thrilled to be a blog guest on Paranormal Romantics. The genre has been my favorite to read since I first picked up a Christine Feehan novel in high school. Now it’s my favorite to write as well! Although my first self-published series is a small-town contemporary, paranormal romance and urban fantasy remain close to my heart, with several novels in the works. Stay tuned for more on that front, or visit my website for more details.

Taking a detour from the dark, magical, and sexy, my current series focuses on something a little closer to home. Small-town living. The county where I currently live boasts a single stoplight. One. In the whole county! I latched onto the idea for a potential series and ran with it. With the first and second books now available, I’m enjoying the roller coaster of self-publishing.

Touch Me, book 2 in the Promise Me series, focuses on a young woman named Leda Cox. Leda enjoys small-town, country living in Heartwood, Virginia. When her best friend asks for help reconnecting with the love of his life, Leda must push aside dreams of opening a bakery and focus on the task at hand. Helping August with his true love…his engaged true love.

She’ll need her wherewithal to handle Duncan Whitaker, a smooth-talking insurance salesman with a heart of gold. The more time she spends in his company, the more Leda can see herself falling for him. In more ways than one. He makes her head spin and her heart throb.
Will her strong sense of family and dreams of the future cut their budding romance off at the knees? Or is there a real chance for Leda and Duncan to end up together?

Books 1 and 2 can be purchased through Amazon at amazon.com/author/breaviragh


“I have a proposition for you.” From the shadows, August McKenney smiled considerately—more than considerately. He had one of those few-and-far-between smiles, each inch sweet and encouraging—a smile only seen on the rare individual.
The sun blazed high overhead, and sweat formed along my spine to dampen my tank top, trickling between my breasts and pooling in uncomfortable places. Summer. I know children loved the free days and lazy nights, but I was much more of a winter gal myself. Even at our high mountain altitude, the hazy humidity settled in and turned me into a couch potato. The air became heavy, with each breath a struggle, a weight pressing down on the lungs.
I could only imagine how the lower states baked. It was too damn hot.
But the telephone had chimed on the wall and urged me deeper into the country. Along winding two-lane roads with my feet pushing the pedal to the floor. All because I owed August McKenney a favor. More than a friend, he was family. And when family called, you went.
“You hear me, woman?” August asked. “Earth to Leda!”
Leaning against the shed wall, I fired a grin at him, using a hand to block the sun’s devilish rays. My poor, adorable, single friend who was more like a brother than any I’d ever had. We were two old poet souls living in the same small town.
“I’m here. What’s this proposition about?” I sounded too sweet, too Southern, not enough backbone. The next sentence I tried to rid my tone of its honeyed softness. “I shudder to ask.”
August sent me another slow, lazy smile that moved his freckles, his hands running a fine chisel over the back of a guitar-in-progress.


Brea C. Viragh is a poet, short story author, and novelist who has been writing fiction since the third grade. She is an author of weird and wonderful fiction in the realms of romance, paranormal, urban fantasy, and comedy. When not writing, she’s likely binge watching HGTV, planning a home renovation project, or annoying others by threatening to put them in her next book. She received her B.A. from Berea College and her M.S. from Nova Southeastern University where she promptly realized science was not her true love.  A recipient of a 5-Star Writer Award from NY Literary, her work includes the Promise Me series, available online, as well as short stories published in New Realm, eFiction, and Conceit magazines.

Any advice for this burgeoning author is appreciated! I’m happy to make new connections. Let’s chat!


Diane Burton said...

Welcome, Brea. I wish you well on your writing career. When you publish your first paranormal romance, come back and tell us about it.

Maureen said...

Welcome, Brea. I love small towns, and small town stories! Love the excerpt, and good luck with your book!

Nancy Gideon said...

Welcome, Brea! I do love a small town. There's a whole different vibe and rhythm to them that I adored when we'd go "up north" to our vacation cabin to visit that one stop light town. I wrote about them before I got the paranormal call, too. Can't wait to see your take is in our world. Keep us posted!

CJ Burright said...

One stop light in the whole county?! Talk about the ultimate small town experience... :) Thanks for being here, Brea!

Unknown said...

I love small town stories. When you read them you invest more in the characters.

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Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

Thanks for stopping by, Brea! I enjoyed the small town post. I grew up in a small town and still don't love being in a big city for very long at all. Good luck with your series!

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