Friday, December 30, 2016

The Most Important Part

Well, I only have two writing projects planned for 2017. That is not very ambitious in the era of 'release a book every two months'! But I'm trying to think clearly about all aspects of my life, and frankly, I am over scheduled! 

The market continues to whip around as though blown by the Wyoming wind, but it has been crazy since I started publishing in 2004. A few times it was crazy good! Other times, not so much. I'm not cutting back because of the market, though I keep hearing of romance authors who are quitting.

For once I have good news on the health front. I seem to have moved on past a two year flare and am contemplating normal things, like writing something besides a short story! Riding a bike on a sunny morning. Working out in a gym and staying up late on a work night!  

Yes, I still have the day job. Sometimes I think it would be great to write full time, but I think the pressure to earn a living would wreck any creativity. Thought about it seriously a few years ago when I made some good money, but the following years weren't as lucrative. Regular pay with benefits is less stressful for me.

Anyway, enough rambling. One of my upcoming projects is a scifi romance in my established series, Diaspora Worlds. I've been thinking about this story for a couple of years and am looking forward to working with the motley crew I cobbled together as my cast of characters.

The second project is a paranormal romance, which I've written before. The difference this time is that it is first person. A romcom, if I can swing it. Scary, but fun. 

I figure, with the market being so nuts, maybe it is time to focus on the WIP, on the story.  A good time to play a little with an idea, get out of my box.

I hope all you authors reading this are fighting discouragement. The arts are never like a nine to five job in corporate America--and that is good! At least you are not working for an idiot! The worst of the day job, like a boss who sets a goal and then puts crazy obstacles in front of the goal. That is not the writer's reality.

As a writer, you can build something to your own specs. Your vision, your execution. You are the mad scientist! 

Maybe you will think it failed because fame and riches didn't follow...It would be super if life was fair. But, just maybe, someone will read your story and get it, see what you did there, that perfect jewel you carved out of nothing! 

Maybe the success of that story was in the story itself.

The story is the part you control. What Amazon is doing, or Mean Author is saying, or Facebook is clamoring about...All outside your control.

But you have the story. And that is the most important part.


Diane Burton said...

Melisse, great thoughts, esp. your last sentence. We make ourselves crazy thinking/worrying about things we can't control. We can control our stories. Good luck with your goals. I'd rather write than promote, but we all say that. We can only do so much. Glad to hear you're better healthwise. Here's to a better new year.

Melisse said...

Thanks, Diane. May 2017 be a great year!

Nancy Gideon said...

Great post, Melisse!! Control what you can and accept (but you don't have to like1) what is out of your reach. My motto for 2017.