Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Angry Travelers

My husband and I flew to New Orleans for the weekend to attend a wedding of some dear friends. The wedding went off without a glitch, the bride was gorgeous, the hotel was fun, and we always love the French Quarter in New Orleans. (Funny side not here--we walked by a horse drawn carriage tour of the French Quarter that was going on. Hubby and I used to live in New Orleans and we're very familiar with the city so to hear the tour guide tell the tourists that one particular building was where they filmed Interview with the Vampire when that is not, in fact, the case was sort of amusing. Tourists beware!!)

Unfortunately, our flight down to New Orleans was delayed. On the way in to pick us up, the pilots reported engine trouble and the airline had to, naturally, fix the plane before we could be put in it to fly to New Orleans. People freaked out. They screamed, they yelled, they threatened the ticket agents.

I sat there and watched--one in particular who wore bright pink lipstick captivated my attention--and I could not believe what was going on. Did they want to get on a DAMAGED airplane? Sit down, shut up, and be glad they caught it before you got on the darn plane.

I wondered around hour two of people screaming if I put these moments in my books if people wouldn't believe it. I think that they would say it wasn't 'believable.' I would agree.


D. F. Krieger said...

Humans have such a superiority complex that they wouldn't 'believe' such a thing in a book because they wouldn't want to admit people are capable of acting like that. (Or at least that's my opinion.) We have a tendency to let that stuff slide in movies though, for drama and movie magic sake.

Silly people who yelled... Would they rather have crashed and burned? What's a couple of hours compared to a lifetime?

D L Jackson said...

Ah, the truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it.

It seems the world is is such a rush now a days. Everything is fast from food to oil changes, and if it isn't, people get bent out of shape. Taking your time is a thing of the past and it makes me sad. When one speeds through the journey they miss the things that make it worth traveling.

Take a deep breath, people and take time to enjoy the life you live.