Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Friday

Gosh, it's been warm and beautiful where I am! Blooming trees and flowers always make my day. I plan to cut a few tulips before they disappear for the rest of the year and bring them inside. The peonies are sprouting, and I can't wait to see them in full bloom, they make such wonderful cut arrangements. No matter where I put them, the cats will smell and notice the new addition to their turf, they'll knock them over once or twice, the delicate flower will be trounced until they're unrecognizable. I wonder why when they're left outside in the garden, this doesn't happen? I suppose it's Nature. I've come to the conclusion that outdoors is the natural place for flowers. The little furballs understand and expect to see them in their natural habitat, not bursting into a kalaidescope of color and scent on my table! We'll grapple over this many times in the coming months, and the cats will win.

Guess I should add my cats have been released "into the wild" until it's too cold to let them out. I'm hoping they have at least five months of freedom to roam and explore. I do worry about them sometimes, but I don't have the heart to make them inside cats. All but one are rescues, they were born and lived outside, they've retained a few feral tendencies, but I love them. They come back in to sleep every night, and during the day, once in a while, they run in to check on me... or eat. *smile* Watching them chase leaves, or romp through the grass is something to behold. But I'm off track.

Back to the word on my mind: Nature - Nature on a Rampage to be exact. This phrase comes to mind when I think of the disasterous, natural events that have hit the world in the last few months. Most recently, the destruction and devastion in the South by storms that spawned deadly tornados. My thoughts and prayers go out to people everywhere who've lost loved ones, and their normal, everyday way of living. I can't imagine their struggles, or their pain and suffering - I can only keep them in my prayers.

Along with this comes a greater appreciation for my way of life, and all that I have and hold dear. I am lucky to be able to smell the flowers.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

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