Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Crest

Remember when I talked about The Lift Hill? I'd been on a lift hill since late January. While I was clicking along on that long, seemingly never-ending lift hill, I busied myself by trying my hand a something I've always struggled with--short stories. My previous attempts have always, always failed. I always want to know more about the characters, know more of their story and that just can't fit into a short.

When I finally had something I thought worked, I decided to add another lift hill. The wait time was significantly shorter however and turns out that I can do a short or two. But remember, I'm still clicking along on this other lift hill that started in January. 

Luckily, edits for the next Rebirth series book came in around that time and made that clicking fade a little bit. But then edits finished and I busied myself with another short (the third). It too finished up and got sent to start another lift hill (one that crested earlier today when the offer came for the next Sypricon Masters book-WOOT!). 

And yep, that other lift hill from January is still just clacking away in my ears.

But, then, last Friday, there it was-the crest of that long just around three months of waiting. I was sent careening over the crest and oh...oh, the plunge was exhilarating! I haven't shaken and cried that much since I got my first contract in 2009.

Later this year, Ellora's Cave will publish my m/m/f contemporary erotic romance titled Ragged Edge. I love these three characters so very much and look forward to getting to share their romance.

Now, back to finished something else so I can climb on board again. :^D


JoAnne Kenrick said...

Congrats on reaching that's always wonderful to hear about an authors success. Not only because I'm happy for them, but it gives me hope that the crest might just be around the corner for me, too :) So, I was over the moon when you shared all that fantastic news!

I'm peeled for release date news, and cover art pretties!

Annie Nicholas said...

Yay! Congrats that's great news.

Sara Brookes said...

Thank you JoAnne & Annie!